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My sugars are getting completely out of control. Lantus was not working. Plus made me gain weight. Novolin did not work, now I am on Levemir, no side effects but my sugars are in the 300's night and day. I feel like crap. My muscles hurt from it. My fast acting isn't even helping much. It is like no insulin is helping. I don't know what to do. So my Dr. might be sending me to an endo. I don't know what he could do any better than my Dr. because he is a great one. Really, really great. What is the difference. Do you think it could make one? Because I will have to drive a long way to see one.

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highlandcitygirl 2009-02-05 16:40:53 -0600 Report

i never beeen to one. but if your primary care doctor, who is a good doctor, recomends you go, then you should. i think thety have a more in- depth training for your problem. your sugars are high!

2catty 2009-02-05 16:42:48 -0600 Report

Yeah maybe he wants to see about the pump thing or see if he has any ideas he hasn't thought of. Errr I hate driving to Chattanooga.

highlandcitygirl 2009-02-05 16:45:26 -0600 Report

oh! i went through there in nov. on my way to my daughters house in ohio. on our way back we got causght up in the going home thanksgiving traffic. i will never leave home for the holidays again!

2catty 2009-02-05 17:11:19 -0600 Report

Yeah the traffic there sucks! Really hectic and a bit confusing at time. Especially downtown. There are parts that isn't that bad. Like the gunbarrel area. Nice area still hectic though, just not as confusing. It is a beautiful place, well some areas aren't but most is. The area I live in is so laid back you can ride 4-wheelers through town.

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