Severe Pain Issue..Directed more for female members.

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For some time now I have not been able to cross my left leg over my right ( sitting on bed or chair and put leg up to put a sock on type of position) without severe pain in the area where the leg meets the pubic area, I couldn't sit cross legged on the floor and always have to keep my left leg straight out or there is pain. Recently (the last 3-4 days) I now have the same issue with my right leg. It is not only these positions that cause pain, missionary sex position while on my back is impossible as well. ( Sorry if that is too much information but I'm just being honest here) I know this is something I should see a doctor about but with no insurance I cannot "find" the money to pay the doctor for a visit. I would like to know if anyone else has similar pain like this and can tell me what you do for it, I realize it is just your opinion and no 2 people are alike and that seeing a doctor should be first and foremost before I follow others advice I am just not able to do that right away.

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I can relate to this discussion very much; I have been dealing with muscle problems for about two years now and about to get the proper diagnosis.

They all started with numbness in my feet, cramping continuosly; numbing and then severe pain in vagina. It feels like the muscles have literally closed me off; like there is not a vaginal opening at all. It is extremely painful; an also now affection my urination and bowel movement.
I go to a neuro muscular disease scientist on Monday. He told me what he thinks it is, but I will tell you more later.

Nothing helps, ky, nothing.
Good luck to you; I know how you feel;

Anonymous 2009-02-05 11:10:50 -0600 Report

I have had some pain during intercourse, but I have not mentioned it to my doctor. I didn't realize until I read another discussion on this topic that the cause could be diabeties related. I will definately mention it to my doctor at my next visit. Some women are saying that using KY jelly helps the situation. As for the the pain you mentioned that you are having, I have not experienced, so I cannot help on that matter.

rbergman 2009-02-05 13:07:10 -0600 Report

This is more muscle type pain not intercourse related, but yes I remember that discussion but this is different its the muscles or something where your upper thigh meets the groin area.

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