Children and diabetes

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I was diagnosed at about 8 years of age. It was tough but I did manage. I just read the article at I found the whole thing disturbing. I dont remember as a kid counting carbs. I was told a certain amount of insulin to take every day. I think counting carbs can be tough as an adult, I can only imagine how tough it is for kids.

But that article talks more about taking and giving injections than anything else. If these kids are having to be given their insulin by someone else why are they not being taught to give it to themselves? I know in the beginning you need help but at some point you need to do it for yourself. I went to diabetic camp and learned. Is Texas the only place that has a camp for diabetic kids? If that is the case other states should come up with one. However the camp I went to takes kids from all over. I really think if I hadnt gone to camp it would have taken many more years before I would have ever learned to take my insulin by myself. But learning to give your self an injection or change a pump needle is something all juvenile diabetics need to learn and the sooner the better.

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Anngelia 2009-02-06 16:57:23 -0600 Report

I think a child giving their own injections is up to each individual family. Some kids probably learn to do it early and others probably take a little longer. I dont think a kid should be pushed into doing it for themself but it does give them something to be proud of when they do get to the point of doing it on their own. I remember going to camp and looking around and seeing others giving their own injections and thinking…if they can do it so can I! I think I get a little competitive at times, lol.

I was the diabetic kid so I can only imagine how tough it was on my parents. They never complained or said anything but now that I have a kid of my own (although he is a little beyond being a kid…he is 20) I have a new respect for what my parents must have gone through. Diabetes can be tough on the whole family.

firefightermom 2009-02-05 17:47:32 -0600 Report

my daughter is 10 and she goes to a diabetes camp. She won best camper and got a trophy one year. We count carbs and she can do her own shots but usually she would rather me do it and I don't have any rejections about it I figure it this way there will come a day when she will have all the control of her diabetes and I see no reason to rush all that responsibility on her now, I will continue to do it as long as she wants me too, sort of like getting tucked in at night one day those days will be gone and I will miss them.

momwith juvie
momwith juvie 2009-02-05 16:53:53 -0600 Report

my son is 9 yrs old and gives his own shots,has since he was diagnosed.he has had it now for 5 is up to the parent to decide when we are ready for them to deal with that part of it.i also think the doctor has say so to.most children (depending on age)is alot to deall with.yes i made my son start as soon as i took him home from the hospital,but that was me.we have a camp here in fl for kids and they do help them to learn how to do it .but it up to us as parent for when we and our kids are ready to deal with it.