70/30 mix Insulin

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I recently mentioned this within a different discussion and was emailed by another member about the subject so I thought I would share it again. Wal-Mart Pharmacy's do NOT require a prescription if you need the 70/30 mix insulin. Novolin or Humulin (these are the 2 I know about for sure). You just go to the pick-up window and tell them how many vials you need and they will get them for you without a prescription. For those of us with no insurance this works out well because it does not require a doctor visit just to have them write a script for it. For those with insurance that covers your scripts you'll need to still do it as a script in order for your insurance to pay for it I'm sure. I usually get 2 at a time and now that we are about 70-75miles from the nearest Wal-Mart that is a huge help not to have to wait in line for the script to be filled (they always say 30min but its never that quick lol) Anyway, hope this helps some of you out!

Hugs & Luv,

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Cindyb1963 2009-05-12 01:13:28 -0500 Report

How much is it though? I don't think it is on the $4 plan. I'm just letting it take its course and going without…am too depressed to want to go on anyways.

2009-05-12 07:12:06 -0500 Report

Hi Cindy. I no longer take this type insulin, it didn't work for me. When I tried Walmart, I still needed a script. Walgreens was the same way. This has been over 3 months ago but it seems like they were both around $36.00 at both stores. (I think this must be different in each state.) I'm in Alabama, Robin is in South Dakota. You can order it on-line from www.Americandiabeteswholesale.com BUT it's $46.00 a vial and it has to be shipped overnight, no 2nd or 3rd day air and it's around $30.00 for shipping. Way too expensive for this insulin. Good luck and cheer up! Angie

2009-02-03 05:43:12 -0600 Report

Thank you Robin! This is perfect for me. I have an appointment with an endo next week, however, I was going to run out of insulin before that appointment. It will save me paying to go see my primary doctor just to write a script! Thank you for some great information! I really do appreciate it! Take care, Angie

rbergman 2009-02-03 14:21:51 -0600 Report

I was at a small thrift store today, they had 5 boxes of One Touch lancets 100ct for $1 a box, I took a chance and bought them even though my daughter and I both have the FreeStyle Lite Meter. After I got home I found out they do interchange so that saved me some major money and we'll both have plenty of lancets for awhile!
Yes, its the little things in our diabetic world that make me happy LOL

Anonymous 2009-02-02 10:47:31 -0600 Report

That is good about Wal Mart because I go to Walgreens and they require a script for everything. I have to have a standing script for my lancets, alcohol swaps and needles. It lasts for 6 months and then I need the doctor to write a new one.

rbergman 2009-02-02 11:04:32 -0600 Report

Wal-Mart doesn't require prescription for any of the following

Insulin Syringes
Test Strips
70/30 mix Insulin
Alcohol swabs

Again this benefits non-insured people, but I cannot say about those that have insurance that covers all of their supplies. My daughters insurance covers the test strips for example so I get script for those for her, but it does not cover the lancets, so I purchase those over the counter along with my syringes and alcohol swabs and mix insulin.

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