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So I get up with a HUGE amount of energy. Got my daily chores in mind to do. Elevator is out GREAT so I get to carry my laundry up and down three flights of stairs today. No problem because I already had it in my mind and heart to wash clothes today.. WELL..Gather my things go downstairs to the laundry room put my clothes in one washer no problem, put them in the second it quit working…0_o …WHHHAAA? (In my minion voice) ..Clothes now sitting in water.. SMH..
So I could have called to the front office to let them know, but decided I needed to make my daily walk and get the mail anyway. So decided to take a jog.. get my blood flowing etc.. GREAT JOG, But soon as I go in the office BOOM… I get smothered by cigarette smoke OMG a huge waste of my oxygen!! And the sign CLEARLY says NO SMOKING…Thanks #John! So I tell them the problem and jogged back to get my lungs clear of that awful and toxic poison!! I use to be a smoker years ago and I'm so glad I stopped because I certainly would not be able to exercise let alone jog bwahah. That's how my day started. All the while unbeknown to me the elevator got fixed in the midst of the commotion.
THANK GOD..So now I can ride back up with the clothes.I'm going to try and take the stairs more anyway, but not just down but up too.

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