Anyone Breastfeeding & Diabetic?

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I was wondering if there is anyone who is currently breastfeeding and diabetic? I just found out I'm type 2 diabetic and my dr just prescribed me Metforman but never realized I was still breastfeeding when she was going over the results with me. I didnt start the medicine bc of the big label to talk with your dr if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. I talked with the pharmacist on duty at my work and she told me it's not recommended to take while breastfeeding. So my question is if any moms who are still nursing what are you on that you can take safely and it won't harm the baby? My daughter will be 2 in September but she shows no signs of weaning and I rather her wean herself then me force her to stop. Thanks to anyone who replies.

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Howdy Pixie
I am not breast feeding, but the mother of my 3 sons had gestational diabetes. Fortunately her GD resolved shortly after her deliveries. She also breast fed all 3 (and they all self weaned and are now grown and starting their own families) IMHO breast feeding is one ot the best starts a mother can give her child.

Your question did cause me to seek out an answer for your query and I have found one here ~ So outside of injected insulin the supposedly "safe" oral hypoglycemics are listed in this article.

However those studies done were admittedly "a single study with a limited sample size" if I were the daddy, and the mother of my sons had diabetes, I'd prefer that she take injected insulin for the safety of my children.

I pray that this has been helpful.

James Baker.

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