Test Strips: Do You Run A On Check Them When Open a New Vial

Debe Pendice
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Started 2009-01-31 18:03:13 -0600

Do you run a control check when opening a new vial of strips? Curious to see how many do and how many don't…

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Petrea 2009-02-02 02:33:33 -0600 Report

The only time I check is if I get a reading that I figure is not right & if I recheck & it is around the same then I use the solution. Another time is when I think I have a good grip of my machine & it just falls out of my hands & hits the floor & I use the solution & check it then.

GabbyPA 2009-02-01 14:25:17 -0600 Report

I always run the test, check my codes and make sure my meter is clean. It saves me from second guessing my meter later when I have a reading I don't like.

I get my strips from Ebay and I can also get control solution there as well, and a lot of times I can get it with my strips, so I always get new.

I know it seems like a waste of a strip, but it helps me maintain my meter and makes sure that my strips are working right also.

2009-01-31 23:21:03 -0600 Report

I use a One Touch Ultra Smart and I never test with control solution because it expires every 90 days and who remembers to get new stuff every 3 months? I don't. I talked to the One Touch people on where to get it and they said to talk to the pharmacist. Hmmmm ok well if I remember I will unless of course I have to pay for it then I guess I'll just keep doing what I'm doing. Like the rest that don't do this, if I get a bad test, I rewash my hands and try again and it's ALWAYS been better.


rbergman 2009-01-31 22:08:11 -0600 Report

I'm glad you brought this subject up I sure learned a lot from this discussion even though it may have gotten somewhat off track of who does and who doesn't at least now I know how and why to do it lol

Lisa Ann
Lisa Ann 2009-01-31 21:22:11 -0600 Report

Mine is Accu-check and it didn't come with testing fluid. I always wash again and retest if it tells me a different # then I think it should be.

rbergman 2009-01-31 21:28:34 -0600 Report

Ok so after all this i was looking at the control solution that came with our daughters new meter last week, it says discard after 90 day, soooo where do you get the control solution and how much does it cost, and I'm assuming it has to be manufactured by the meter company so it matches?

sexyswamprat 2009-01-31 21:37:17 -0600 Report

Her meter didn't come with the solution? Most meters do.

rbergman 2009-01-31 21:39:10 -0600 Report

yes the meter did, I'm asking where do i get the solution after this one expires in 90 days, since it came with the meter and doesn't come with the strips i haven't a clue where to get replacement solution

Pauline B
Pauline B 2009-01-31 21:09:28 -0600 Report

I almost never test the test strips. When I do, they always test OK. As others have reported, why waste a test strip? If I notice a test not being in the range I think it should be, I would wash my hands again and retest. In every case, it is I who misjudged.

One time I did question the machine so I replaced the batteries, got the control solution, read the instructions, and everything was fine with the machine. Again, it was my disbelief in how a food would affect me that was at fault.

rbergman 2009-01-31 21:15:00 -0600 Report

Ok backtracking here, i did find on the bottle where it gives the range, but i guess freestyle lite is just one that doesn't give the extra paper to test on, and yes, they are $1 a strip for these meters, even at wal-mart, actually the last box we bought just a couple days ago was $112.89 for 100 strips at local pharmacy because our nearest walmart is about 80mi away.

LadyDi - 26259Miller
LadyDi - 26259Miller 2009-01-31 21:22:58 -0600 Report

I never check strips either. None of the meters are 100% accurate anyway, nor will you get the same reading on every finger or with any 2 meters. I do take my meter in occasionally to check against the doctor's meter. You should get a flashing signal on your meter if the battery is low. One thing I do is clean my meter frequently with alcohol to keep it clean.

sexyswamprat 2009-01-31 21:35:29 -0600 Report

I own a freestyle light also, but I don't use it. Mine didn't come with a special test strip either.

rbergman 2009-01-31 21:38:06 -0600 Report

Sexy, would you consider selling your freestyle lite if you don't use it, I have to get another meter for my daughter's school to have but really can't afford another meter from the stores right now.

rbergman 2009-01-31 22:04:13 -0600 Report

thats fine, its only meant to stay at the school in case they need to check her so, i only need to send a few strips to school with the meter just in case they would ever need it. I just liked the idea that its the same thing we are already familiar with and use regularly at home for both me and her.

LadyDi - 26259Miller
LadyDi - 26259Miller 2009-01-31 21:44:26 -0600 Report

Go to the One Touch site and you can get a One Touch Ultra Mini, which comes in the case and everything, FOR FREE. It's small & great for book bags, purses, etc., and comes in fantastc colors. I got purple! You can always get the meters for free somewhere, so I wouldn't buy one.

Also - look in the left side of this page at "Find Solutions" and you might find an offer there. I think I've seen them before. But I just got my Mini last week, and it's great. Comes with 50 strips as well.

rbergman 2009-01-31 21:48:57 -0600 Report

I did check the "find solutions" the only offer there for a free meter was for those on medicaid, at 39 I don't think they could help me much lol but thanks anyway, I'll keep checking that for new offers.

rbergman 2009-01-31 22:04:57 -0600 Report

Lady, not sure what happened but i get an error saying webpage not found, I'll look more tomorrow for one that does work though, thanks anyway.

LadyDi - 26259Miller
LadyDi - 26259Miller 2009-01-31 22:08:33 -0600 Report

Yes, I just checked and they are doing some maintenance. I just got mine in the last couple of weeks. Maybe the site will be back up soon, in the event anyone else needs one.

highlandcitygirl 2009-01-31 21:06:12 -0600 Report

all my meters came with instructions to do it. they also sent a little bottle of testing fluid with each meter.

sexyswamprat 2009-01-31 21:07:55 -0600 Report

They send it for a reason right.

rbergman 2009-01-31 21:12:31 -0600 Report

Ok wait, how do you know if its out of range, both our meters are free style lite, the control solution was with the new meters but when i get new vials of strips there is no piece of paper to test with…I'm more confused now than before lol, so
Question 1, where does it tell you if its within range?
Question 2, where do you get the extra paper to do control test??

sexyswamprat 2009-01-31 21:33:38 -0600 Report

I use a onetouch and a aviva. One the side of each vial of test strips there is a within range. Both my meters came with one vial of control solution. I just reread my owners manual and it said running a control strip will help you to determine if the meter AND the strips are reading right. My meters did not come with a special strip. I simply use one from each vial. So for me using 4 stips out of 100 to do a control test is nothing. But for those that don't have insurance and have to pay the 100$ a box(I pay 20) I can see where that starts to get expensive. You really just have to decide if you want to get the most accurate readings possible, or save 4$.

Anonymous 2009-02-02 10:05:11 -0600 Report

I am with you. I get 200 at a time. I pay 10 dollars for them. So I test and code every time I get them. I use several meters. Most are One Touch. I do not get a special strip of paper with mine either. I have not been told by a doctor or pharmacist to do anything special. I suppose you should read your owners manual.

Lisa Ann
Lisa Ann 2009-01-31 21:03:23 -0600 Report

I've never done any kind of test on my strips or meter. Not sure how to do that and never been told to do so by my dr or pharmacy.