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Jeanette Terry
By Jeanette Terry Latest Reply 2014-06-08 19:55:59 -0500
Started 2014-06-05 14:02:18 -0500

My husband tells me all of the time that I am overly worried about making mealtime the same everyday. I didn't realize that everyone wasn't this way, because meals were always the same time when I was growing up and through the years of having diabetes I have kept a mealtime schedule for myself and now I do it for my family. I have found that my blood sugar levels stay more stable when I am consistent with the time I eat my meals.

So I am just wondering how many of you have a mealtime schedule like I do with consistent times that you like to eat your meals?

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Michael_1960 2014-06-08 19:55:59 -0500 Report

I eat at the same time in the mornings and at lunch, but at dinner time or supper depending on what part of the country you from it is rather difficult to eat the same time the way I work. I come in at different hours of the evening so I eat anywhere between 6:00 pm and 8:00 pm.

haoleboy 2014-06-05 22:02:25 -0500 Report

I'm a type 2 so …
I am disabled and don't work so I have an extremely flexible "schedule" also I do some intermittent fasting so every 2-3 days I'm only eating once (maybe twice) a day.
I do have a fairly structured menu though … just not ever eaten 'on time'


teacherspet 2014-06-05 21:32:45 -0500 Report

My birth family was like yours, we could depend on meal times being the same. Iwish I could say the same about my family, but with the different activities and work schedules it isn't always possible to have a definite schedule. BUT I do try and have my first meal by 10 A; second meal by 2:00; and our final mean before 8:00…with snacks about 2 hours inbetween. it may not be perfect, but it's the way our life is,

wraithmb 2014-06-05 20:40:51 -0500 Report

I have about a half hour of oops everyday or my body does wierd things so if I wake up 10 minutes late and have lunch 15 minutes early, and supper 10 minutes late, I can count on my sugars being too high until the next day… I'm type 1 on humalog and lantus, MDI.

Type1Lou 2014-06-05 16:01:27 -0500 Report

Prior to starting MDI in the early 2000's, my mealtime was more regimented, as required by my NPH insulin injections. After starting MDI of Lantus and Novolog, I felt liberated, no longer tied to the clock about when I had to eat. In fact, it was during this time that I had my lowest ever A1c of 5.9. I started pumping in 2011 and continue to be flexible about my mealtimes and love having that option…even able to skip a meal without serious consequences since I just won't bolus if I'm not eating. The pump also permits me to reduce or suspend my basal dosage if I feel that is needed. My last A1c was 6.8 but I'm expecting improvement next month when it's tested again. So, I don't adhere to a strict mealtime schedule and am glad that I don't have to. I think, in large part, it may be linked to what meds are taken to manage diabetes

jayabee52 2014-06-05 14:08:06 -0500 Report

I have general parameters (lunch is at "noon-ish") into which I fit my mealtimes, but I don't worry about exact times. I do understand that folks who inject insulin may need to be more exact.