just a prayer request for you all

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Started 2014-05-30 22:39:00 -0500

I know you all cant come help but please pray I can die in my home..and go Home to Dan.
I have decided to have an initial meeting with Sparrows Hospice. I doubt that Im ready.. but I think I have ph more than mildly or this disease is moving faster than they though/think. I was treading online last night..I googled "the stages of pulmonary Hypertension" I found a site that was quite helpful..it broke the disease down into symptoms and when they come in 3 different stages. As I studied it…and I had also talked to my family doc yesterday..I have more symptoms than I knew. I believe I am near the end on stage 2 and the beginning of the worst stage…#3. Just want to keep you all informed.

Im having more breathing problems…this is a lung disease after all. Im gaining weight which is fluid.

I also need to ask. if any of you ..and this is a BIg request…would any of you be willing to help care for me and help Chris care for me..she cant do it alone. hey, I could use more help now…just dont want to go inpatient and when I talked to one of the people this morning…it sounds like I might need to provide people.. to take care of me..

I realise this is a big request… but the thought of going inpatient.. is just unthinkable to me…I have a right to die where I want to. I want to die right here. in this bed… Please help me if you can, if you cant physically…than please pray or whatever you do.

honestly people I dont believe it would be good for me to go inpatient..I couldn't take the cats and toki hates hospital worse than me. I dont think It would be good for me ..the thought of it just makes me absolutely panic

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Dr Gary
Dr GaryCA 2014-06-03 22:24:21 -0500 Report

Hi, I am so sorry to hear this. I have been through this decision with family members and clients, so I understand. I hope you are able to find friends and family members who live close to you who can offer support. Also, look into home care resources. See if the hospice can help you or point you in a new direction. And stay in touch. I will keep you in my thoughts. Gary

GabbyPA 2014-06-02 06:45:07 -0500 Report

My uncle is going through this as well. He is deciding to stay home as well. He has family and that does help. I would ask if Hosipice has anyone they can provide or a home care company if you don't have anyone near by that can help.

I know you don't want inpatient, but the alternative might be worse. It's hard when we are facing big changes. Sometimes the "limbo" is worse than making the choice to do it.

I hope you find peace in whichever way you need to go.

TopazDee 2014-05-31 07:48:30 -0500 Report

Prayers being sent daily love, only wish I was near enough to help as I have C.O.P.D. a lung infection.
Stay Strong Safe and Well. LOVE AND LIGHT XXX

jayabee52 2014-05-30 23:26:02 -0500 Report

Of course Vi, I will pray for you.

If I were able I would be willing to help give you care. After all I was a certified nurse aide and have the skills and the mindset to do it. I also helped my "Jem" care for her mother at home with the help of in home hospice in her final days.

Unfortunately those days are over with my need for dialysis every other day. So I will pray that God will provide someone to come to care for you.

God's best to you


vrswesley 2014-05-31 09:37:43 -0500 Report

Im grateful for your offer Im a little frustrated..I only offers from help are coming from people who cant help too far away.. my 3d gfriends no.. I realize its a big deal but still whats wrong with this pic?…Im know theres a good reason work..etc. one person told me hospice would proviid peple…hope so.

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