Why do doctors and researchers lie and blame the patient

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I have been a diabetic type 2 for 30+ years - I was 110 out of high school and 130 out of boot camp. I went to 160 over 4 years in the Navy. I have skinny arms, legs and everything else but carry weight in my stomach. My calfs are in excellent shape and I get compliments on how good they look. I kept weight off until I went on insulin (about 10 years into diabetes) - was on glyburide gradually increasing to 4 pill a day (maximum) - I exercised every day and watched my diet - I did drink alcohol of which I have not for many years. The guidelines have changed many many many times since I was first diagnosed in 1981. I was first told to eat a lot of carbs. Then I was put on a 500 carb diet with a protein drink as a supplement (that is when they found out I had a thyroid issue) - Finally after around 15 years I was put on insulin and I gain weight - about 2 pounds a year - that has been 15 years ago - you go figure I was 170 when all this began and now I am 220 - I have gained 20 pounds since I tore my rotator cuff and my facet joints disintegrated and I had to have a fusion on my l4 l5 vertebra - three surgeries later - 5 surgeries in 3 years (open heart in there and nasal surgery) too many anthesis if you ask me. Anyway, I have been put to blame so many times it is not funny. There are so many thoughts and theories and yet the medical profession still has no clue what causes diabetes - fyi - insulin was discovered over 90 years ago. So why do they continue to lie about diabetes and try to tell you that they really know what is going on because none of them have a clue and they really do not want a cure. Cure is not a word to anyone in the medical, research or pharmaceutical professional. Please tell me why I am wrong or right.

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Type1Lou 2014-06-02 07:57:13 -0500 Report

I've found that there is a very strong component of self-management in diabetes. After reading Dr Richard Bernstein's book, "Diabetes Solution", I reduced the amount of carbs in my diet and have gained better control. I have tried to learn as much as I can about diabetes so that I can make informed choices. Not all doctors have the right answers…my PCP almost killed me with his approach, so I see an endo now to help me with my diabetes…he thinks I don't eat enough carbs but it works for me and respects me enough to concede it works. Diabetes affects everyone of us a bit differently. Yes, it can be frustrating because our bodies never stay static and what works one week, may not work the next week. The best we can do is be informed patients and take whatever steps we can to improve our condition. The greatest power is the power of choice. We do not choose to have diabetes, but we choose how we deal with it. Wishing you well!

wraithmb 2014-05-31 08:33:30 -0500 Report

Being a t1, I take no offense, I never really thought of it that way, but we do see a lot of research money go our way.

As far as docs being arrogant and having a "god complex" as James puts it, again I am in agreement.

As far as the weight issue, I agree that it's unfair to be blamed for it happening, and being diabetic makes it tougher for us to lose weight than for "normies".

…and the cure. A pet subject of mine among friends. Why would anyone want to cure diabetes with the amount of money they make from us? Heck, my average haul from the pharmacy totals between 2 and 4 hundred almost every other week. Add that to the salaries of doctors, endos, and dieticians, not to mention the researchers, and nurse educators… We, my friends, are a gold mine. The closest hope we have to a cure is the pump for t1s… Some cure. If diabetes were ever cured, I believe our economy would crumble… With treatment for the disease not needed, and the lack of complications due to that, what are quite likely some of our top earners in the country would be nearly bankrupt…as my grandfather used to say: money makes the world go round

jayabee52 2014-05-31 00:02:08 -0500 Report

Howdy Frog
There has been a lot of knowledge gained regarding T2 diabetes over the past 30 years. The knowledge base has grown expontially over that time. Theories and attitudes about T2 has changed over the years as well. Also various individuals and institutions have gotten stuck in a time warp along the way.

I can understand that you were blamed for having T2 since I blamed myself for developing it for a while also. If someone currently blames you I believe that they are stuck in a time warp and they're not up to date in their understanding of T2. Or is the blame for other medical issues?

You have had a lot of "medical challenges" over the years. It is understandable that one is a bit out of sorts after all of that.

I am not certain why the discovery of insulin is a point of contention except that when insulin was discovered the medical community had to learn how best to use this new hormone with those with diabetes. In fact they are still learning how to tweak it for the best possible effect. And those who are injecting themselves with insulin may be misusing it by overeating and then "covering" for the over eating by injecting more insulin. That is why a lot of insulin injectors gain fat.

The word cure is often bandied about by those looking for a quick buck preying on those who want a quick fix for their diabetes. Right now the best we can do is roll the diabetes back by sensible eating plans and exercise and judicious use of medications.

That is the way I see it. You may not like my views but you asked for them.

I do pray that you find more peace of mind about your medical challenges and that a true cure may finally come for many if not all of us.

James Baker

frog1951 2014-05-31 00:16:06 -0500 Report

I appreciate your thoughts - one of my other issues is that they only study T1 - most of the money goes to the one with the least amount of problems - why so much money into T1 when T2 has so many more with the problem - they want to blame T2 on lifestyle which it is not - but that is an easy cop out - oh T2's just don't try hard enough - that is BS - but they know that lots of researchers and doctors and medical people will buy it so they feed it out - T1 will soon be cured and there will no longer be a reason to cop out and they will have to face up to the fact that they no longer have a reason to avoid T2 and will have to face the fact that it is not a lifestyle disease - they will have to admit the lies - by then I will be dead but they will have escaped a lot of people that they could not find an answer for so they just blamed - that is my theory - doctors tend to blame when they have no answers - so arrogant - thinking they are God.

jayabee52 2014-05-31 01:29:52 -0500 Report

I will agree with you that some Drs are arrogant and have a "god complex" I have however met some really down to earth Drs as well. It is hard and dangerous to paint with such a broad brush.

And. shhhh!, don't tell the T1s about all the money they are raking in for research, because I have seen the same thing said by T1s about funding and research for us T2s. The fact of the matter is that T2 diabetes cannot be solely be termed a lifestyle disease, however there are certain aspects of T2 which stongly leans in that direction. It is a complex mix of genetics and behaviors that they are still trying to unravel. And unless I have been ignorant about important breakthroughs in the care of T1, (Which is a possibility) I doubt they are much closer to a cure for that than previously. The closest they've come to a "cure" is a pancreas transplant, which has a lot of obstacles which may still turn this "cure" into an "also ran".


frog1951 2014-05-31 01:40:41 -0500 Report

point is that they still have no clue what causes either but the majority of the money goes to T1 which houses the least amount of people - actually about 5 out of 100 are Type 1 vs Type - so about 95 are being shorted on every testing study - seeing that there are virtually millions of people - that is a lot of people that are being bypassed so the researchers can look at the easier ones - T2 is actually more complex and they do not want to admit it. T1 is a lot more simplex that t2 so they prefer to study it - thus spend all the money on the easier on - how stupid but that is what they do and it pisses me off. I refuse to contribute to this stupidity and I continually get closer to death as they refuse to look at the REAL issues