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A older friend of mine just received his 3 month lantus prescription.. According to him ,the pens have
cartridges and are not prefilled. He also mentioned that the lantus had ''Made In China" on the paperwork.. Insurance companies have a tendency to try to steer you in a direction that is of the lower cost.. The insurance program is a "Worry Free" type and there is only contact between the physician and the patient.. No insurance company involvement..As for myself ,not the way I would want it, but could see a bit of benefit for some people.. Anyone familiar with a new type of Lantus pen? My answer to him was to get involved personally and not use it until facts were clear

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wraithmb 2014-05-30 14:08:06 -0500 Report

I have the same ones as type1lou does and use them on a regular basis. I can't see there being too much of a difference in the contents of the pen. If he/she sees any difference in blood sugars after the switch, it would be best to talk to their doctor or endo about possibly changing types

Type1Lou 2014-05-30 13:08:52 -0500 Report

Your post made me check my supply of Lantus pens which I got last August. (I'm on an insulin pump and keep a supply of the Lantus pens just in case my pump malfunctions and I have to resort back to Lantus and Novolog MDI routine…so far, I haven't had to.) My Lantus Solostar pens are prefilled. They are made by Sanofi Aventis with "origin Germany" printed on the box and on each pen. Who is listed as the maker of the "Lantus" supplied to your friend? "Lantus" is the registered trademark name of Sanofi Aventis for insulin glargine