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By kimfing Latest Reply 2014-05-30 11:04:42 -0500
Started 2014-05-28 18:39:25 -0500

the last couple of days have been horrible. Dx just over a yr t1. I think my honeymoon phase might be coming to an end. Bs have been elevated for last three days. I have adjusted my levimere, changed my carb ratio and still quite a bit higher than i have been used to this last year. Horrible headache, been hydrating to the point my eyes should be swimming. Don't get me wrong, i have had some good Bs, but more higher ones than good.

My next Dr. Appt is the 10th so i do have a call into my Dr. Waiting to hear back.

There, i feel better. Thanks for letting me vent. :-)

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Dr Gary
Dr GaryCA 2014-05-30 10:12:31 -0500 Report

Hi kimfing,

So sorry to hear you have hit a rough spot the last couple of days. That's frustrating. I would just encourage you to say focused on the big picture. You've been taking good care of yourself and doing well. Hitting a glitch doesn't have to mean that you are on a downward spiral. A rough patch can just be a rough patch, we adjust, recover, and move forward.

I am glad you are working closely with your doctor on this.

Take care, my friend. And always feel free to vent!


Trudie Ann
Trudie Ann 2014-05-29 12:24:48 -0500 Report

Glad to hear you feel better now after venting. We all need to vent from time to time. It always helps to just let it out and let it go.
Best wishes for your Dr. appt.

wraithmb 2014-05-29 09:14:30 -0500 Report

Do you have a "sliding scale" to deal with your high sugars? I know I have a list of results and humalog amounts that have brought them back to normal

kimfing 2014-05-29 10:56:43 -0500 Report

I went from care ratio of 1:30 to 1:15. Increased levimere from 5/day to 6/day now 7 units per day. Just heard back from Dr office and they basically told mebto do what i have done.

GabbyPA 2014-05-28 20:20:08 -0500 Report

Sometimes summer can cause higher levels. I know the country has been rather warm in most places. Perhaps it's just a cycle....honeymoons should never end.

kimfing 2014-05-28 21:23:23 -0500 Report

Lol. I agree with they should never end :-) in az we've been 100+, heat didn't do that to me last yr so i didn't even think of that. Since i work outside, i thought i would have to worry about lows since activity high in heat.

Trudie Ann
Trudie Ann 2014-05-29 12:22:20 -0500 Report

I went to an egg frying contest in Oatman Az. They cooked eggs and bacon on the sidwalk with the only heat being the sun. Yes it gets and stays to hot in some parts of Az. I don't live in Az. any more though.

GabbyPA 2014-05-29 08:26:43 -0500 Report

That is the fun thing about diabetes. Just when you think you have figured it out, it gives you a new twist. LOL