sinus infections and BS control?

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I was diagnosed in Nov., and I learned in class how BS can go out of control with many illnesses including sinus infections. I have chornis sinusitis and have had it for many years. So I worry about this. However, I would think that BS goes up because of fever perhaps? I rarely have fever with mine. I was thinking I'd better get to my ENT doctor soon because he had wanted me to have the blood tests to see what else I might be allergic to so I could get on something preventive, because what he put me on years ago, doesn't work as well anymore. So has anyone had a few experiences with sinus infections and how was your BS?

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I have had sinus problems for years, even before I was diagnosed with diabeties. I have not seen any difference in my numbers. Of course, I am fortunate that I do not have do take any medication for my diabeties. I got my numbers under control and was taken off the glucophage a couple of years ago and have been able to stay off. When I get another bad sinus infection, my dr prescribes an antibotic for me and I do fine. As I said, my bs numbers stay pretty much the same, thankfully, when the sinus attacks hit.

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