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Well. I've had diabetes since I was 1 '12 yrs old its been really hard for me I cant hardly control my surgars since I was diagnosed with diabetes I've been diagnosed with depression emotional problems all died when I had both my girls, kidney failure n high blood sugars I can't keep them under control at all I tryd everything I could have think of n in books to I cant focus at all.

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wraithmb 2014-05-21 09:32:44 -0500 Report

I was sort of in a similar situation to you. My sugars right from go were iffy at best, and they just kept getting worse. Finally a few weeks ago, I had an a1c of 11 again. It isn't the worst I've had, but I finally had to sit down and figure out how to do better because the complications were getting to be too much to ignore. I took a few days, came up with a plan and a schedule that works for me, had a "last" ice cream with my kids, and jumped in head first on April 26 of this year. Since then I have been testing 6 - 8 times a day, and following the exact same schedule every day. I don't necessarily eat the same amounts or foods each day, but I do eat at the same time. The secret for me is the schedule. My body seems to be fussy about timing. If I am a half hour out my sugars are a struggle to control the rest of the day. It usually takes an aggressive correctional dose of insulin to get them back down.

I test before meals, to see if I need to correct with insulin, and 2 hrs after to see if my carb to insulin ratio is working. I keep all my results in my iphone (thanks to the ibgstar and software), corrections and ratios are kept in a separate notepad as well. I even went and bought a cookoo watch so that I get my calendar reminded from my phone on my watch. It was expensive, but a big help. I can't use a cell phone in my work area due to safety concerns, so the watch works out perfectly, and it's not very irritating, all a calendar reminder does is like an hourly chime, and flashes an icon on the watch.

Basically, my idea was to come up with a schedule that works for my day to day life, and did everything that I could think of that would work for me to not forget it. So far, it's paying off.. I'm on track for an a1c of about 8 in the next few months.

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