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So after the long weekend, I'm thinking it would be helpful to try and make the schedule I have been on the last few weeks a bit more flexible. I am finding that if I am out more than about 30 minutes with a meal, I can count on my sugars being high at least until the next day. Is there anything that people do to make their day a little more flexible? I've tried a snack partway between meals, but it doesn't seem to work too well as my sugars were 10 to 12 all day yesterday without any differences other than being about 35 minutes late having lunch. I've heard that insulin pumps are good for having flexible schedules, but how much flex do you get? An hour or two, more, or less?

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wraithmb 2014-05-20 08:16:05 -0500 Report

How are you for delaying/advancing meals? I know that if I'm more than a half hour off right now I'm usually fighting to get control of my sugars for the rest of the day. I know Saturday that I was off by about 45 min for lunch and the best bg reading I had until that night was 12.4 mmol/L (about 400 mgdl). It finally came down to 9 at bedtime after taking nearly double my usual corrective dose.

neverlowbg 2014-05-20 09:41:06 -0500 Report

Also pizza used to blow my bg out of the water it would take days to get back to normal last night at dinner bg was 102 I had tea unsweetened slice of pizza and 2 cups pasta took my wife out for her birthday so I splurged alittle it was 70 carbs hit bolus the pump figured out insulin need 2 hours later was 104 now in the beginning it takes about a month for endo to get settings so they work at optimum with your body and lifestyle it's not a free for all when on it but it took away hours I lost during week giving shots and arraigning schedule to take shots or eat I can take my grandson to get a burger and not have to go thru a routine to eat I can take bg up to an hour before meal and when I know what the carb count is usually around 60 I bolus pump 10 seconds and enjoy my grandsons company I don't worry any more that 60 carbs is going to worry me all day and on days I work out at gym I leave pump in my locker for an hour.

neverlowbg 2014-05-20 09:26:29 -0500 Report

I can eat anytime I want to or even skip a meal with no problems see with a pump you get steady insuline 24 hours a day your endo will set how much I get 1 unit an hour every hour done by pump no thought on my part then if bg is out of range (mine is 100-140) I can hit the bolus and it will give correction insulin to bring it down again no thought on my part just push button or if I test and eat I enter carbs and bg if out of range at meal time will give me insulin for meal and a correction at same time again a finger prick and push of button every 72 hours is only real time I spend with pump and that's to change infusion site and refill pump download pump info to website weekly so endo can have me make adjustments to settings for insulin delivery using info stored in pump it takes ten minutes. I can do whatever I want now everything you need for the day fits in your pocket bg tester and pump looks like a pager before had to carry a little bag with needles and insulin had to keep it cool pain in the ass the pump was the best thing my endo did for me

neverlowbg 2014-05-20 00:40:51 -0500 Report

Wraithmb I have been on the pump for a year here's schedule with a pump allot more flexible
Day 1
Setup pump and insert to body 10 min
Check bg multiple times a day and bolus adjustment 10-15 min spread throughout day 2 min or so each time and no set times usually before meals and snacks and a couple just check and adjustment bolus
Day 2
Go about your day checking bg and hitting bolus button for meals and corrections
Day 3
Same as day two
Day four
At wake up same as day 1

In reality I spend about 3 hours total every 7 days messing with the pump

Now the cgm is ok but you still have to stick finger at least four times a day to calibrate it and just something else using up an injection site I hated it thru it I'm drawer my meter talks to my pump when I test then I hot bolus if needed and wizard takes care of everything I can be out to dinner and bolus dinner in 3 seconds and no one knows it's actually really cool plus I used to run 300-350 bg now between 90 -145 with pump and I can do anything I want even swimming just in hook pump put on cover and away I go I have allot more freedom no carting needles or supplies I do carry an emergency kit in car in case of lows or something happens to hold me over to get home never have used it the best place to check it out is or webmd they have great info and videos testimonials then talk to your endo and pick your pump my ins covered the whole thing except 150$ and supplies including insulin area deductible is 50$ a month till I meet my portion every year then it's free and with me my wife and to kids and a grand baby on our insurance not hard to get there got questions I'm more than happy to tell you the real deal good luck

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