New Pain Relief Without Medication: The Duet

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After usings this device in doctors' office, I reccomend it to all of you to be used with or without your current medication.

It is medicare approved, and more often or not they do not collect the balance after 80% of medicare payment because they know people with medicare usually have low income as well.

It is a pain relief stimulator, that you put in a vest, when want to use it continuosly, and place anywhere in the vest you need to reduce pain.

The owner of the company and diabetic and says it is wonderful for neuropathy. As is for other major diseases with severe/acute pain issues.

You can call Scott Anderson, Phoenix Medical Devices
1-800-689-9892 ext.27

and mention my name Claudia Branham, so he knows your needs and how you found this device. I found it on alliance health home page, also.
Or contact me throught email small, with name and phone number and I will contact him for you.

This is not to advertise for financial reasons, just to let you know that there are devices out there.

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