Healthy Cooking Quick and Easy to Use Appliances, and Recipes;! My Top Three Favorites!!!

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Do you remember the ads, for the "Turbo Cooker"? It is my very first choice for healthy cooking because has so many functions in one cooking set.

This magnificant cooker, was advertised on tv in the 90s. And since then, other major companies have tried to duplicate the same type of cooker.

I have never found a cooker more appropriate for healthy cooking. This is definitely the best.

You can cook your whole meal at once; meat,potatoes, vegetables and desert.
And you can steam all foods at the same time if you want. For the most part, can cook anything in it with water. I have cooked, meat and vegetables and a desert at the same time.

It is built like a deep frying pan, with grooves set in 3 levels for steam trays, and also bake pans which fit in it.

Included are healthy recipe cards with the directions for timing, use and when to put atop other meals. You can continue to get recipes after receiving the initial 50 that comes with it.
I can not tell you enought about this item, and if you do a web search you will find it is in the
cheaper range of cookerware.

Just another suggestion. Especially for those who are homebound. I also bought the George Foreman, Electric, indoor/outdoor grill. It too, was on sale, and very useful for weight management.
It is designed to let all the grease and fat fall into a good size drip well. It comes with a stand, and I can take it on my deck and cook outdoors, or take the stand off (most of the time) and cook indoors. No heat comes off of it, so if cooking in house in summer does not make you warm.

You can bake cakes, bread, potatoes, and vegetables in foil on it.

You can make a meatloaf or roast in it on foil roasters. (They are also realy cheap). Also comes with recipe cards and timing.

And, of course, the old standby, the slow cooker. This is extremely useful for busy people, or people like me that lives with pain. I get it ready first thing in the morning, on particularly bad days, and don't have to worry about anything the rest of the day.
The whole meal is already cooking.

Also great if you expect company and do not want to tax your energy or pain level

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I have almost all of the George Foreman line except the new Generation one. I love the indoor/outdoor grill too. I make fajitas all the time on it. Have not used the slow cooker in along time. I need to get it out and cook something. Thanks for the suggestions.

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You are so welcome; Claudia B

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I have to admit that I am so surprised that people do not want to learn more about healthy and inexpensive alternatives for cooking..