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No matter what I do. I just forget to test my blood. does anybody know a method or routine they use to help me to control my type one diabetes? I don't know what else to do. my blood sugars stay high all the time. I have the CGM but it doesn't stay on me. it always falls off. I need help on remembering to test my blood and to help me carb count also. right now my blood sugar is in the 500s and I'm tired. I need to try my hardest at keeping my blood sugar in normal range. I just need advice and ideas on how to. any comments would be nice and would help tramendously!

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Type1Lou 2014-05-16 13:57:38 -0500 Report

If you are a pumper, you should check your BG before eating anything and bolus accordingly. If you are eating without testing, your pump will not be able to calculate how much insulin you really need to stay in your target BG range and most likely result in high BG's. You need to make an effort to learn how many carbs you are eating so that the bolus insulin can also take that into consideration. Yes, it's work, but your quality of life and health depends upon it…sorry if this sounds "preachy". Pumping effectively takes commitment and effort. Get yourself a carbohydrate guide in either book form or as an app and use it. Calorie King is one of the books frequently recommended. Control what you eat and when…just because you have a pump doesn't mean that you can eat anything at anytime. Do you know how many carbs you are currently consuming per day? You need to determine that…it's a good starting off spot. You may need to cut back on your carb intake but you can't determine that until you know how many you are eating now.

I've only been pumping for a little over 2 years but have had diabetes since 1976. I test on average a little over 8 times per day and would be lost without my meter. I am not currently using a CGM. I'm a 5'3" female and limit my food to 120 grams of carb per day…not easy but my last A1c was 6.8, which indicates good control. There are no "easy" solutions. It takes effort and commitment but it can be done. The choice is yours.

diabeticdummy 2014-05-14 17:20:43 -0500 Report

one other thing i forgot is you should be able to set alarms on your pump, and remember just test bg whenever before you eat and bed easy to remember and right when you wake up then the rest of the time leave pump somewhere you walk by allot and every time you walk by test reguardless remember it takes about a month for something to become routine or second nature plus the more you test you can see trends and do correction bolus when needed

diabeticdummy 2014-05-14 17:08:55 -0500 Report

like james said talk to your endo and pump prople there your team you pay for them after all might as well use the hell out of them i do.

now as my situation i am using medtronic pump for a little over a month now and my numbers went from the 500-1100 range to the 80-170 range the cgm i threw it in the drawer and medtronic gave me a meter that talksw to my pump when i test and then my endo wrote a letter of neccecity to my insurance company and got 250 test strips approved and all i did was test the hell out of my bg and also do some tests on fore arms to give fingers a break also u-100 insulin was not working for me so had to go to u-500 but iif your not putting in carbs correctly doing bg tests changing sites every two-three days and not uploading your results to your endo every week or two and there not telling you to adjust your settings the pump is worthless it takes less work to do it wright than end up in hospital or worse and easier than taking shots if your endo doesnt want to do there job with you on the pump get a new endo the pump can help you stay healthy or can hinder your control and not in a good way if you want more info on my situation read my posts and discussions ive been thru allot and it wasnt good till i got my head right about this t2 thing and got a good team together and medtronic has been very helpfull and supportive of my pump and my endo checks my uploads from pump every two weeks and if a change is needed she emails me and nurse also calls if you want to talk about it just send me a message will be happy to tell you about it more

jayabee52 2014-05-14 14:14:29 -0500 Report

Howdy Julia

WELCOME to Diabetic connect
Sorry you qualify for this shindig, but since you do I'm glad you're here

Blood Glucose (BG) levels in the 500s is nothing to mess with.

May I suggest that you use an alarm watch or cell phone alarm and set it for the next time you need to take a BG test. (I am taking for granted that you are using a pump to inject insulin since you have a CGM)

With your BG levels in the 500s there is definitely something wrong with your pump or its settings or the place where your pump is connected to your body. You obviously are not getting the correct amount of insulin, somehow.

If I were you, I'd seek out my Endo and get him or her to figure out what is going wrong and where, and seek to correct it. You are aware that you have to reset the injection site every to to three days.

How are you securing your CGM to your body? Please reach out to your pump people to find out how best to secure the cgm and the injection point of the pump to your body and how best to find a new site.

I pray this problem is solved ASAP as this cannot be doing you any good the way things are now

James Baker

juliahooten 2014-05-14 14:30:27 -0500 Report

thanks for the advice! but there's nothing wrong with my pump. it's me that's why my blood sugars are in the 500s because I don't test my blood often. but I'm going to try setting alarms. thank you! :)

jayabee52 2014-05-14 14:50:21 -0500 Report

I don't use pumps, but something's wrong somewhere along the line. reach out to your endo and your pump people to try to find out.