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Has anyone been told by there doctor that there kidneys are stressed? If so what did your dr tell you to do about it or what did they do? My dr said my kidneys were showing signs of stress in my test. GFC 50. She wants to put me on Lisinopril 2.5mg. I have looked up reviews and discussions about the drug but I only find one website and there are bad stories about people getting worse. Some even need to go on dialysis. I don't know if any one is actually diabetic though. They just have high blood pressure. I do not have high blood pressure and my HGBA1C is usually at 7.0 this time it was 8.0. Can some one help me in regards to answers on this medication

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Howdy Ostrea
First of all a GFR of 50 means that you are about half way through the 5 stages of Chronc Kidney disease (CKD). How long it takes to get to the dialysis stage (#5 at GFR or 15%) is up to you and how you take care of yourself and particularly your kidneys. For more info, see the booklet here ~

I know you want information on Lisinopril and here is a page of listings from a Google query on the medication ~

You only found one site about side effects of this med? A Google query on "Lisinopril side effects" yielded this page ~

So how does a person lower their chance of needing dialysis?

First of all, get your Blood Glucose (BG) levels under control. If you can get your A1c level at or below 6% it would be good. (I had an A1c of 5.5 for quite a while by following a specific meal plan. If you are interested I will share it with you)

Then there is the Blood Pressure (BP).issue. The best way to deal with BP is to do it without medications since that way you don't run the risk of any side effects. (BTW, when I went on that meal plan I just mentioned, I lost 65 lbs, and my BP went down at the same time)

There are many meds which can lower one's BP. You can find the types of meds to lower one's BP here ~

One comment: perhaps one type of treatment "diuretics" would best be avoided as I would suspect they would put stress on your kidneys, which are already stressed.

I pray this has been informative and helpful to you. I would rather you NOT join me in the dialysis clinic, or that you may join me later, rather than sooner.

Should you have specific questions please do not hesitate to ask. For I firmly believe that the only stupid or foolish question here on DC is an HONEST question which is NOT asked!

God's best to you and yours

James Baker