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I've read several posts in several categories and I'm curious how many member with Diabetes themselves have a child with Diabetes too? I thought I had it "all together" with my own Diabetes and turns out my original "elder" doctor that I'd always seen for my condition may have been as behind in the times as I was (still am really). I know squat to be honest and am finding that since my daughter was diagnosed there is soooo much I've missed in my own treatment. So, now I'm more scared than ever, it was hard enough dealing with my own disease but now that I have a child with it I'm terrified all over again, not just for her but for myself too. I wonder if some of the "side effects of Diabetes" I suffer from could have been prevented. I'm definetely changing my own outlook about it as I learn along side my daughter now, but I feel guilty that I was not educated enough to be the teacher and not the student sitting next to her. I really do thank God for this website and all the wonderful members that have so much information that they are sharing. I dreaded every minute from the thought of moving to a new state up to the minute it was over. Had we not moved though we wouldn't have had to find new physicians and I wouldn't have found out that I've been going about it all wrong for years now. As for my daughter, she's a trooper and just keeps plugging along and takes all the rules and diet changes and medications so well without complaint and is elated beyond words when her blood sugar is within normal range, but panic's when its over the edge. I have so many other conditions because of the diabetes and my worst fear is that since she is only 7 she will have other conditions because of it so much sooner in life then what I have. I know its a disease that can be controlled but so much has happened to me since diagnosed soon after her birth I'm truly stressed over the "what if's" for her. Do any of you have a child that has Diabetes same as you? What are you coping mechanisms? I know its wrong to think so far into the future and fear the worst but its always there in the back of my mind and with each high blood sugar reading she gets i panic a little more. There are no support groups in my area and not for nearly 100miles from where we now live so I consider you all my support group if that's alright.

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In my case, I am the child of Diabetic grandparents on my father's side and great-grandmother on my mother's side. Its strange but I have Diabetes and my sister has MS and we have no idea where that came from even though both diseases can be genetic.

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My family is native american heritage and that is one strike against us as far is genetics of diabetes we have a higher risk of getting it, out of the last 5 verified generations of having it I only remember 2 relatives, my grandmother who was in her early 70s when diagnosed while in the hospital for something else but only lived a few weeks because of her other medical issue. My father, who we really don't know how long he had it but was also diagnosed in the hospital after having a heart attack that was job related (carbon monoxide poisoning), he was in his mid 40s at the time but his i clearly remember watching the testing, the insulin injections and remember the talks about the symptoms he didn't know he had or rather didn't know were symptoms of Diabetes, that's when the family started researching and found it 2 more generations back past my grandmother, out of the 4 of them 2 female, 2 male all Type 2. When I was pregnant with both of my sons ( 1 is now 19 the other 10) I had gestational diabetes but it never "turned". When I was pregnant with our daughter I didn't have gestational and thought "ok I'm in the clear finally" , she was born in July 01 and in March 02 I felt the symptoms and knew the warning signs all too well, after a couple weeks of I called the doctor office and said I need an appt. to be tested for Diabetes, sure enough my BG was over 600! They actually told me they didn't even know how i was functioning with such a high reading. I was 32, turning 33 that coming May. I was the youngest in our family history to "get it". I always worried that my kids would "catch" it, the odds were so stacked against them. My oldest son at age 9 started having seizures and after many many tests they said he had brain cancer that caused him to develop epilepsy. After 2yrs of battling the cancer and all that goes with it the tumor was gone and he was pronounced in remission on Valentines day that year, the epilepsy faded away by the time he was 14 and he's been seizure free and cancer free ever since. (Blessing)
He gained a lot of weight after that and I always feared he would be the one with the gene, but he gets tested when he goes for his yearly checkup for the cancer and has never had a high A1C (Another Blessing). Our 10yr old is your typical all boy boy lol no issues with him ever (Blessing). Our daughter was actually a twin and during the first trimester everything looked great, ultrasounds etc. then about 5mo into the pregnancy they did another ultrasound and there was only 1. After many tests they said it was twin to twin transfer, 1 baby literally absorbs the other one within their body and that it had to have happened shortly after the ultrasound at the beginning of the pregnancy. When she was born 2 days early, she weighed 10lbs 11oz and after tests they found "parts" of her twin inside her, an extra kidney and lung neither of which were viable organs so she had surgery to remove them at 3 days old. After that there were tests constantly to make sure things were right and they always were. She had to have her tonsils and adenoids removed at age 3 because they were so large her tonsils would close her throat off at night and she would stop breathing. She developed severe allergies at age 5 and was put on medication for that. At age 6 the allergies were still winning so they added another medication for that. At age 6 1/2 she was gaining weight excessively and I kept being told it was just a growth spurt because she was turning 7 soon. A month after she turned 7 she'd gained
56lbs making her top out at 111 lbs.! I finally got a doctor to agree that was NOT normal growth and tests were ran. Her Thyroid wasn't working properly. After being sent to a Ped. Endo. it was determined that her immune system was failing and that her body attacked her Thyroid and destroyed it, she's on a pill a day for the rest of her life for that. It was also traced to attribute to the severe allergies, and then in Oct 08 they said her pancreas was also being affected but A1C came back normal 5.3. They suggested random BG testing on her and so I began doing that, in mid Nov. she was getting readings over 200 suddenly so another A1C was ordered, it was 6.9 (still normal by some standards) so nothing was done, then Jan 22, 09 they took a look at all the readings I'd done on her and said " She's definitely Diabetic and its Type 2. Gave us a meter for her and ran her A1C again and TSH for Thyroid and sent us home, telling me to count her carbs. NO other information was given to me. After returning home and calling family physician she felt they hadn't done all that they should and referred me to call another Ped. Endo. so I did, they said she should have had a OGTT done before we were just told she was Diabetic, there was no proof of it with just high readings I was getting on her with home meter. They also called a couple days later and said with the history she has and the family history that she needs to also be tested for MODY (Maturity Onset Diabetes in the Young). Today we go see our family physician because her insurance requires a referral to go to the new Ped. Endo. which we are hoping to schedule this coming week. In the meantime my stress is through the roof and on its way to the moon which is sending my BG on that same path, I try to take care of myself but its so hard with all this going on. I am sorry for giving my life history here but I hope it helps you all understand the boat I'm in. Prayers are always welcome and Thanks so much for all the support as well.

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Hi Robin,

I am so sorry that you have to go through what you are going through. I can only give you my support and let you know that I will help you in any way I can.

My diabetic mother didn't live long enough to see my being diagnosed with diabetes. My two grown children are both non-diabetic as of this moment, but only God knows the future for sure. I know that if they are ever diagnosed with it I will feel guilty for "giving" it to them.

I also know in my head that if they get it, it is in their genetics and not due to anything I did or didn't do to them. And if they do get it I will teach them what I know about how to deal with it just like I taught them how to deal with life. It is all any of us can do for our children.


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Hi Robin… I really hate what you're going through. I can only imagine what having diabetes and having a child with diabetes would be like. My mother is in her 70's and calls me all day to see what my BS reading was at last check. Prior to my diagnoses, nobody in my family suffered from diabetes. You are lucky to have such a great daughter with that wonderful attitude. To be 7 years old and take it like a trooper is amazing. I know this really didn't answer your question. I don't have a good answer but I want you to know you have a great support group here! I am enjoying your discussions and answers as many others are too, I'm sure. I wish the best for both you and your daughter. I just know you will both be fine. Take care, Angie