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Today is the kick off of D-Blog Week hosted by Bittersweetdiabetes.com. The topic for today is what would you change about diabetes? I know the most common answer is probably simply not having it, but setting that aside, what about diabetes annoys you the most? Is it the common misconceptions about people that have diabetes? Needing to change your whole treatment plan if you happen to change insurance carriers? The seemingly constant stream of 'cure your diabetes now' products and diets?

One comment that someone made in our office was that he hates it when people say something to the effect of, "Don't eat that or you'll get diabetes!" Something that is such a common misconception but that has also just become a 'funny' little saying that those using it might not truly understand.

So what about you? If you could change one thing about diabetes today, what would that be?

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Chris Clement
Trudie Ann
Trudie Ann 2014-05-14 01:04:22 -0500 Report

Chris Clement: I looked at your contribution. I really enjoyed what you said and I agree with you totally. Like you I also eat some of the things on that list, in moderation, and Like you my A1C stays in acceptable / good levels and my blood sugar levels stay in perfect range for my 3 month check up. Of course it does sometimes spike to high, and sometimes gets to low. I watch it close and take my Metformin like I should and a glucose tab if I need it so that makes the difference when my doctor checks it. But it is a continual process of doing what I have to do also.
Keep up the good work. I look forward to see more of your post's.

Trudie Ann
Trudie Ann 2014-05-13 00:07:10 -0500 Report

I was talking to a lady at our monthly meeting today at the fire dept. and mentioned that I had an appt. coming up with an endo. in the next town/state coming up. She asked me why and I told her for my diabetes and things going on concerning it. She said " You aren't fat. You can't have diabetes!". I told her not all fat people have diabetes and not all diabetics are fat, and if you would like I can get you some info about diabetes. She actually said yes, I would like that. So what I would change is make more people aware of what diabetes is.

teacherspet 2014-05-12 19:39:58 -0500 Report

I would change the education and information that docs have or get. IN our area there are few that know anything specific about diabetes, so their remedies or diagnosis is usually which drug rep was in the area last. Most won't consider info brought in by patients, or they won't go and get further education on the disease to better themselves, or will they read what patients bring into them. Since we can't write our own scripts here, we are forced to do pretty much what they prescribe as far as meds are concerned, so unless you lie about side effects, or refuse completely to take them, you are stuck with what they write. Not the way to work together

camerashy 2014-05-12 18:02:45 -0500 Report

What bothers me most is having so many advertisers and their "cure for diabetes" claims because those of us who have it know darned well that's a phony claim.
What I would change would be to make it illegal to make such claims. If there really ever is a cure, our doctors will let us know. There are too many disillusioned people around this area, and probably everywhere else who have tried some of these so-called cures, and ended up in the hospital because they actually believed they were cured. These special diets and "eat this to cure diabetes" don't work, people. I've never tried any of these because I have a built-in BS detector.

haoleboy 2014-05-12 13:35:49 -0500 Report

Improving diabetes awareness and understanding.
I am constantly amazed by the misconceptions and ignorance that people (including some medical professionals) have about type diabetes.