blood sugar level 300 at i safe to gotosleep

By gailssong Latest Reply 2014-05-03 16:39:33 -0500
Started 2014-05-03 04:28:51 -0500

I am a little concerned. have type 2 and i have a blood level of 305. and I am tired. Is it safe to go to bed when it is so high?

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Glucerna 2014-05-03 16:39:33 -0500 Report

High blood sugar levels can themselves make you tired. This is an excellent question to discuss with your doctor, and depends on if you take any medications for diabetes. ~Lynn @Glucerna

jayabee52 2014-05-03 12:17:04 -0500 Report

I believe it is, however you need to get to the Dr to check why your Blood Glucose (BG) level is so high.

At this point (8 hrs since you posted this) I would hope that you slept some.

Do you have an idea of why your BG levels are so high?

God's best to you

wraithmb 2014-05-03 08:22:10 -0500 Report

I have gone to sleep with a sugar level that high, and been fine. On the flip side of that, I have also woken up with paramedics around my bed.

The difference was how I handled it…

The incident where everything was ok, I knew what was going on, I had worked out how I needed to correct it, and I knew what to expect from my correction methods.

The incident that didn't go over so well, I didn't really know exactly what to go do I guessed, went to sleep, and well… My wife had to call 911 because I over corrected.

The point of all this is that how safe you are to go to bed really depends on how good you know your diabetes, and how accurately you can correct your sugars.