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Syed Jilani
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2 months before i used to have so much urination amm specially at night 5 to 6 times . My mother is a diabetes patient. she noticed all these activities in me like tiredness and urination unusual sleep when she checked my glucose level it was 463 . Now from last 1 month i have control my diet and doing exercise symptoms have been removed like tiredness balck patches around neck and my weight was 115 and now i m on 94 still exercising to reduce more now a days with the help of diet and exercise my blood sugar is 190 and i have noticed with the lossing weight my sugar level is coming down . As far as concernd to my symptoms i think i have type 2 … diabetes but i am scared lots of people around me says that avoid medication it will make u permanent patient dont know what to do plz tell me where am i in Diabetes Category and what should i do ?

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MrsCDogg 2014-05-05 15:53:48 -0500 Report

Please make an appointment with a doctor! Do it now! Don't spend your time here asking questions. Diabetes is not something to be messed around with. Please go to the doctor now.

Lakeland 2014-05-04 11:06:41 -0500 Report

I think symptoms of type1 & type 2 are the same. If I were you, I'd see a doctor & figure out if you are type 1 or type 2. If I remember correctly—, type one is the pancreas doesn't produce enough or any insulin & you need to supplement it. I have type 2 so I have insulin, my body just isn't using it, but I can do things to make my body use it.

The best part about diabetes you can test, you can know within seconds where your numbers are.
so, when I'm low, because I took a walk or something I won't take my meds. Too low can/ too high are both problems.

Around here if you get diabetes, they want you to go to a class on nutrition, & you'll learn about things like higher fiber foods that can slow down sugar spikes & keep you more full, when I watched portion sizes & ate smaller meals more often, I lost weight & I didn't try. it's a great diet plan & all your really doing is trying to be healthy.

best wishes

MoeGig 2014-05-03 08:51:14 -0500 Report

I recommend that you remain "scared". Fear of failure has been my primary motivation all the years I've been afflicted. Good luck.

Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2014-05-01 13:27:48 -0500 Report

The people around you are not a doctors and are clueless. Currently there is no cure for diabetes but that does not mean you will be on medication for the rest of your life. There are Type 2 diabetics who are no longer on medication and control it with diet and exercise. You are scared because you listen to people who are not equipped to diagnose or treat you. This is why I never take medical advice from anyone but my doctor. He knows my medical history and can properly help me stay in good health with diabetes.

No one on this site can tell you where you are in Diabetes. You really need to see a doctor for that. He or she is the only one who can diagnose you and treat it accordingly. You should also see an Endocrinologist. 190 is still high.

JimJB 2014-05-01 06:14:17 -0500 Report

190 is still to high. Normal is 140/70 you should see a doctor. Jjbrennan

jayabee52 2014-05-01 23:59:34 -0500 Report

Howdy Jim
You're right, 190 mg/dl is too high.

140 mg/dl is still a little high for my taste (too close to complcation range), and 70 mg/dl is flirting with hypos. I'd rather see those number's range more like between 120 to 80 mg/dl

God's best to you and yours

James Baker

Glucerna 2014-04-30 18:10:42 -0500 Report

It can be really scary when you're not sure what's going on, and people are giving you different types of advice. The only way to know for sure what is happening, and to make sure you are in the best health, is to see your doctor. Once you know what you're facing, you can learn how to deal with it. Let us know how you're doing. ~Lynn @Glucerna

Syed Jilani
Syed Jilani 2014-04-30 18:31:12 -0500 Report

Yeah i have visited doctor now my Blood sugar level is becoming normal by Taking Gulucophage . I hope i can maintain it back on 100 with healthy diet and exercise today reading was 150 i have to come on 100 .Pray for me thankyou ! Glucerna

IronOre 2014-04-30 13:02:55 -0500 Report

well, don't just see a doctor, see an Endocrinologist, the sooner the better.
The people around you have no idea what they are talking about. Taking meds will not make you a permanent patient.

Syed Jilani
Syed Jilani 2014-04-30 18:32:11 -0500 Report

Yeah i have visited doctor now my Blood sugar level is becoming normal by Taking Gulucophage . I hope i can maintain it back on 100 with healthy diet and exercise today reading was 150 i have to come on 100 .Pray for me thankyou ! i am doing well and doctor assure me that if i lose weight i can reverse it .

carolynn marie
carolynn marie 2014-04-30 11:59:30 -0500 Report

I'm going to agree with everybody else and say go to the DR. immediately. I was diagnosed about a year ago and I'm on metformin but it doesn't mean I will be on it forever. I learned a great deal about being a diabetic by attending some classes through my clinic. so so informational. learning how to control the diabetes is so important to leading a good and healthy life.

Syed Jilani
Syed Jilani 2014-04-30 18:33:46 -0500 Report

doctor suggest me Glucophage its working and i am also keeping an eye on what am i eating my mission is to loose weight FIrst…

diabetesfree 2014-04-30 02:45:57 -0500 Report

Doctor, Doctor, Doctor. :-) The earlier on Type 2 is caught, the better your chances of being able to make changes to your eating and exercise habits that can make taking medication no longer necessary. You may need to go on some type of medication for awhile though, just so that you don't do long term damage to your pancreas.

Syed Jilani
Syed Jilani 2014-04-30 18:34:57 -0500 Report

yeah i am taking glucophage and my blood sugar level is coming backk to 100 hope i can reverse it with diet and ecercise

jayabee52 2014-04-29 23:51:59 -0500 Report

I am gonna agree with haoleboy and wraithmb and urge you to go to the Dr ASAP!

I am living proof that going on medication does not mean one is on it "forever". I started out on Metformin, and then when I had kidney problems needing dialysis, I was changed over to NPH insulin. Eventually I found out by accident, that my pancreas was producing enough insulin that I could control my T2D by eating very carefully. And so I manage my T2D without the use of diabetes meds now.

But see the Dr and if Dr thinks you may need the help of medication to manage your Blood Glucose (BG) for a time, follow Dr's instructions.

God's best to you
James Baker

haoleboy 2014-04-29 18:38:44 -0500 Report

You need too see a doctor NOW! By ignoring the elevated BGL levels you've described you are flirting with serious complications. Medication will facilitate the lowering of your BGL and does not mean that you will be on it forever … STOP LISTENING to the people that are giving you such bad advice
DO NOT try and 'cure' this on your own.

Syed Jilani
Syed Jilani 2014-04-30 18:38:50 -0500 Report

yeah i have ignored people and listened to my mom i have visited DR he gave glucophage to make my BGL on back to norma today was 150 and i have ate normal diet

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