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Hello I am new to this world of diabetes and accidentally diagnosed. I had no real real systems. But One thing occurred that prompted me to check some things out. I am very concerned now because my number are not dropping. When I discovered I had this. My number was 400. Since then 4 days. I was placed on metformin. It killed my stomach. I already have stomach problems to begin with. Then my doctor switched me to a new med which is 2.5 milligrams. I don't remember the name of it off hand. I am a teacher and having access to the bathroom is very limited. Ok I am on new meds I have totally changed my diet and started to do some walking. MY numbers are hovering around 203-250. How can I ever get the where they should be I am worried to death.

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Howdy Browneyes
WELCOME to Diabetic Connect. Sorry you qualify for this shindig, but since you do I'm glad you're here.

First of all take a deep breath. Just like a child learning to walk needs to crawl and then take baby steps, in this new world for you, it would be good to start out with baby steps as well. Since you have had a Blood Glucose (BG) number of 400 mg/dl you may have had diabetes for a while and not know it. And while we do want to make progress in managing your diabetes, you want to (as an old friend of mine used to say), "make haste slowly."

You are under a Dr's care, which is the first thing. I have found that diabetes and the BG numbers relate to what one eats and drinks. It is important to ask your Dr for referral to a Registered Dietician (RD) and/or a Clinical Diabetes Educator (CDE). What you eat and drink has a lot to do with your BG lowering, no matter which medication you may be taking.

Additionally, may I suggest using the resources of this website and learn at your own pace. Up on the dark blue band you'll find a link "Understanding Diabetes" when you mouseover that link, a drop down will appear with suggested topics. You may want to start with articles on type 2, or the series of articles and links on "diabetes treatment and care". You can also browse the discussions where you could pick up some handy tips and tricks for managing one's BG levels. You could also find some encouragement there as well as comfort when needed. So please participate in our discussion.

Don't want to burden you with more at this point.

God's best for you and yours

James Baker