Got diagnosed with Type 2 one week ago. Confused. Do I really have diabetes?

By OneWing Latest Reply 2014-04-28 14:05:03 -0500
Started 2014-04-23 02:52:07 -0500

Hi everyone,
I've been reading around the forums every now and then trying to gain some knowledge.
This whole thing is confusing to say the least. After bloodwork my doctor came out of left field and just randomly told me "You have diabetes", I was obviously in shock although I probably should've been expecting it.
I have lost 7 pounds since then by exercising for at least 30 minutes a day, drastically changing my diet, using veggies as carbs and eating tilapia or chicken breast with an occasional turkey leg here and there. I am more paranoid than anything right now, since I seem to be having more issues with low blood sugar than anything since I've dropped about 15 pounds in the last month, but 10 pounds in the last two weeks.
First day I ate 3/4 cup of oatmeal for breakfast and my blood sugar went up to 146.
I haven't witnessed my blood sugar drop below 70 but when it gets to be around 75 or so I start feeling the symptoms of low blood sugar.
Today I started having some complex carbs, I ate a few cheez-its, my blood sugar was fine. At one point I had a meal which was one tilapia filet, about one cup of green beans and a half-cup of penne pasta with sauce. My blood sugar didn't seem to spike or anything last I checked it went up to 102 from that.
Tonight I had 1/4 cup of rolled oats toasted on top of an eggwhite omelet with chopped broccoli. 2 hours later my blood sugar was down to 76.
Not wanting to go to bed with b.s. that low I had a sesame candy with 4 grams of sugar and then ate about a cup and a half of fat free greek yogurt. About 10 minutes after eating my blood sugar went up to 96, now I just took it again 30 minutes later and it's down to 92.

I stopped taking the "500mg metformin 2x daily" because it started effecting my memory after a few days. My blood sugar hasn't done anything drastic, I just feel low every now and then. I have tested my blood glucose over 70 times and my average is 89.
Should I just keep doing what I am doing and wait for my follow up appointment 2 months away? Or reschedule a new appointment to see about changing medications or something?

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Dr Gary
Dr GaryCA 2014-04-26 22:50:33 -0500 Report

Hey OneWing,

I am glad you are here. Welcome!

I am a therapist and not a physician. But I always encourage clients who are newly diagnosed to stay in close contact with their physicians. Let him/her know how you are doing, any concerns you have about how you are feeling, and especially any questions. If you have any doubts, then it's worth checking in.

Looking forward to staying in touch with you.


tabby9146 2014-04-24 08:08:34 -0500 Report

sounds like you are one of the lucky ones like myself, whose diabetes was caught early and that is one reason why you are doing well right now, plus the great way you are doing on the food and it is possible that you are not getting enough carbs, might be why you are so low so often. Like you, I too experience at times anyway, some slight shakes in my hands, and/or slightly weird feeling or light headed, when I am in the low 70s. I have never gone below 65. I was diagnosed in Nov. 2008 put on metformin 500 mgs once a day. Then when I lost most of the weight 3 months later, I was able to stop taking it, actually toward the end, it was making me go low I am sure. You did not mention exercise. So be careful that you don't overdo that, as long as your numbers are tending to go kind of low. just make sure you eat something healthy with protein, before exercise and check it a few mins. afterward and have a little something after too. I would just add some more carbs, finding out what works for you, some of us can have more carbs than others, but sounds like you are eating the right things. and if nothing happens, wait until that 2 month appt. sounds like you are doing great. I am very curious to know what was your A1C?

OneWing 2014-04-24 10:02:01 -0500 Report

I will post my results tomorrow when I get them from the doc. I have started eating more carbs, sprinkling a little oatmeal on my veggies or having some sweet potato, and it seems to have helped.

tabby9146 2014-04-24 08:10:03 -0500 Report

I was so shocked and did so well frm the beginning that I too, questioned it. It had to sink it. While my A1C numbers have always been very good, below 6%, I really failed that fasting glucose tolerance test big time! so I am curious to also know, do you know what your highest number was on the FGTT?

OneWing 2014-04-24 09:57:49 -0500 Report

I asked for a printout of my bloodwork results and they forgot to give it to me. I was so in shock about the whole thing that I left without realizing. I have an appointment tomorrow so I'll get the results then. I have a feeling this doctor may be trying to scare me straight. lol

GMV 2014-04-24 06:38:15 -0500 Report

Hello , welcome to the family. Your numbers seem good compared to lots of us…in my opinion keep up the good diet and exercise that is a must . If your not on any meds then I would seek a new appointment to discuss this with your doctor. In the big picture you seem to be doing well…good luck !!!

OneWing 2014-04-24 10:04:39 -0500 Report

Thanks GMV. Just made an appointment a few minutes ago. Hopefully the doctor was just trying to scare me straight or something. If that was his goal, it worked. I am constantly taking my blood sugar and planning exercise or cooking food low in carbs high in protein and fiber.

Television1 2014-04-23 19:27:08 -0500 Report

Write a reply…I think you have to remember that not everyone is the same, were all different, with everything we do. so what works for you will not work for someone else., I was diagnosed three weeks ago.

OneWing 2014-04-24 10:05:53 -0500 Report

I think that is the scary part. I feel like I have to constantly be taking my blood sugar to see how foods affect me. It is annoying to always have this monkey on my back.

tabby9146 2014-04-25 07:58:50 -0500 Report

I felt that way too , in the beginning but that will fade some and you won't be as anxious. I was testing 3-4 times a day for months! My fingers were so sore. But I knew I had to find out and once I did, I would cut back, and then it was eventually twice a day, for a really long time and now I have been once a day for about 2 years or so. Some days I do forget, and I like to check at random times, usually one hour after a meal, instead of 2. in the beginning though, I did what my Dr. said and checked 2 hours after meals.

Glucerna 2014-04-23 16:02:22 -0500 Report

It's great to hear about the changes you've put in place OneWing. If you're not on any diabetes medications, blood sugar levels typically are not going to drop so low that they're dangerous. You may feel low - irritable, hungry, trouble concentrating - but you're not going to pass out. It's really simply your body's way of telling you it's low on energy, and a signal to eat. Think about it: before you were diagnosed with diabetes, how did you feel when you were hungry? It's always a balance to figure out the best timing for meals and snacks, and what to eat at those times. The more you learn about diabetes and how different foods and activities affect you, the better you'll get at avoiding the lows. ~Lynn @Glucerna

OneWing 2014-04-24 10:09:08 -0500 Report

Thanks Glucerna, that makes me feel a bit safer. lol
Once my blood sugar gets low I get anxiety some times. Since the feelings are sort of similar. It's true though. Last night I was fed up with panicking every time I have low blood sugar, so I left it alone and by it's self it rose to 89. It got down to 72. That made me a bit less worried. I guess my liver kicked in with some glucose maybe?
This disease is so hard to understand.

tabby9146 2014-04-25 08:02:53 -0500 Report

I actually do get mild anxiety attacks, that have nothing to do with blood sugar. This all started a year or two after I was diagnosed. When I was no longer worrying about my BS at all. It took a lng time, for me to realize, it was not low BS, it was anxiety, in your case, I know it isn't, but just wanted to share my experience with anyone who might be reading and has the same thing. anxiety attacks can feel exactly like low blood sugar. Lots of people who used to have them, and some who still do, have told me this. When I used to have them, I'd quickly go to a restroom, if I was in a place of business, and check my BS, it was alwys good. I know some people have these attacks for no real reason ad sometimes they can just go away on their own and sometimes some people need to be on medication, but I am fighting them hoping I don't need to be. I tend to have them when I am under a great deal of stress. they are very very short lived, the worst ones are when I feel dizzy. just like the low blood sugars I used to have, almost as bad, as those low BS spells I had "before" I was diagnosed, when I did not even know what was wrong. But I thank God that these spells are not frequent. They do not interfere too much in my life. Maybe I need to start a post about anxiety and see who else has this.

OneWing 2014-04-25 12:55:31 -0500 Report

I know the feeling. It is strange how the subconscious mind can have such an effect. I had anxiety from some prior traumatic experiences. But diabetes only makes it worse.
All the stress I feel about having a new obstacle to overcome has been triggering my anxiety. I apparently have a low tolerance for stress now. I need to move to the Caribbean. lol

tabby9146 2014-04-24 08:11:55 -0500 Report

I forgot to mention that too, people told me that I would not go dangerously low contrlling by D&E, as long as my numbers are good, good A1C, then I don't worry about that anymore, but I did in the beginning. It is scary at first!! I used to have occasional "dizzy" spells, and before I was diagnosed, I sure learned the difference between light headed and dizzy real quick.

jayabee52 2014-04-23 13:35:59 -0500 Report

Howdy Onewing,
I agree with Trudy that you may need to push up your appointment sooner. I would expect from what you say in your original post that you may not need diabetes medications at all. You may be able to manage your diabetes by what you eat and by exercise. You will, however, need to learn what foods to eat and avoid to be able to manage your Blood Glucose (BG) levels without diabetes meds.

There are two items for sure I would talk to the Dr about in my next visit: #1 talk to Him about trying to manage the T2D without medication. #2, get a referral to a registered diatetician (RD) or a Clinical Diabetes Educator (CDE). They can give you a rough outline of foods and drinks to not aggrevate your BG levels. But as good as these people are, they cannot tell you about how your metabolism reacts to specific food or drink items. To do somethng like that you'd need to do something like this ~

That will specify which foods/drinks play nice with your metabolism ane which do not. You then can fine tune your eating plans and more easily manage your BG levels and keep in better control.

God's best to you and yours

James Baker

Trudie Ann
Trudie Ann 2014-04-23 03:30:03 -0500 Report

I am type 2, when my blood sugar gets too low I drink a glass of orange juice if I'm at home. If I'm not home or don't have access to OJ. I always keep glucose tablets with me in case of emergency. I get them at Walmart over the counter. I like the grape flavor.
Everyone has a different low level that effects them, If I drop below 90 I get the shakes and dizzy so I have to get it back up to at least 100.
It sounds like you are on the right track with your diet but it might not hurt to see if you need to talk to a dietician, or diabetic counselor (ask your doctor). Congrats on losing the weight.
I think it would be a good idea to call and ask the nurse if you might need to see your doctor sooner.
Research the internet, read all you can to learn about diabetes. Ask lots of questions, and continue to eat right and exercise. I know some people who have been able to keep their diabetes in check with just diet and exercise, although I still have to take metformin.
Wishing you the best.

OneWing 2014-04-23 09:09:50 -0500 Report

Thank you Trudie. Good advice, I'll take it. It must be tough to get low blood sugar symptoms at 90. One of my first symptoms is irritability, so once I start being a jerk I usually know it's time to eat. lol

SkyCam 2014-04-23 12:20:01 -0500 Report

Did the doctor give you any instruction? I'm with Trudie Ann and think it is a good idea to meet with a professional to help you, especially at the beginning.
I am pre-diabetic and want to learn all I can in hopes of getting a handle on this! Sounds like you are working hard at it, too. Isnt it great to have a place where you can share this?
BTW, same as you - I feel hypoglycemic around 75. And so it goes… good luck for all of us.

OneWing 2014-04-24 09:53:03 -0500 Report

The only real instructions he gave me was to stay away from foods high in cholesterol and to eat vegetables and no complex-carbs. Also to take my blood sugar twice a day, and if my fasting blood glucose goes over 200 to call him right away.

My appointment is tomorrow morning. It definitely is good to be able communicate with others who understand the situation.
I am hoping I am just pre-diabetic and the doctor just tried to scare me. Tomorrow I am going to get a print out of my bloodwork so I can know for sure.
It really is hard work & it is scary.
I am trying to learn to not worry about my blood sugar so much, it's almost like paranoia. lol

SkyCam 2014-04-28 14:05:03 -0500 Report

Sorry its taken me so long to reply. I am trying to figure out how get around this site. A learning experience of its own!
How did your appt go????

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