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I have no motivation to keep my numbers in check. My mom always says I'm going to end up hurting myself or dying but that's not even a threat to me… I've had Type 1 diabetes for almost 3 years now and I can't stay consistent with good numbers. I hate it and get in trouble all the time for not staying on top of it. I'd rather have it end my life than have it keep ruining everything. What do I do

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Rachel Swallow
Rachel Swallow 2014-04-26 15:27:48 -0500 Report

I'm sixteen , I've also had diabetes for three years , its a bitch to be honest. But theres no reason to be that depressed about it or even think about ending your life , i'm sure we'll get the hang of it eventually !

m101499 2014-04-26 15:35:07 -0500 Report

Thanks. I know, I try not to be but my parents can't get me meds for my depression so sometimes it's rough, but yeah I suppose, thanks

TX gal
TX gal 2014-04-24 17:24:08 -0500 Report

I so totally can relate! I agree with Trudie Ann, about keeping communications open with your mom and doctor. Mom may sound like she's upset, or nagging you, but, if she is anything like mine, she is only wanting the best for you. On the other hand, the toughest thing I had to learn was to let the past be in the past, learn from it, but not beat myself up over missing numbers, food choices, or other decisions I made. Each blood glucose test, each meal, each dose of insulin once done is done. Learn what how your food choices affect your numbers. Once you see that, you can better decide if those choices are worth the results. Yes, T1 is a challenge and has long-term consequences. The decision is yours. Just like deciding what clothes to wear, what to eat, when you are going to study. No one can force you to do those things, but - by not doing them, you know there will probably be consequences. Unfortunately, with diabetes, those consequences aren't always as immediate as a bad grade. Female hormones also play a big role in diabetes control! Once a month, was awful for me! Best suggestion I can give is to stay with the testing, stay with the food and exercise plan. Set your mind to compete with yourself. You have off reading, food choice, or whole day. review it-how could I have done something different. Don't bear yourself up. Use it as a learning tool - you're in school learning how diabetes affects you. I've probably said way too much, but when I read your post, I heard me. I've had T1 for 50 yrs. and I am now having to live with some of those consequences. I had heard as a young girl that I would not live to see the age of 40. I thought, "Fine, I'll live it up". Never dreaming I was going to live past 40, and have to deal with the consequences of my "fine" attitude. Oh - by the way - I still have to use the 'school metaphor' everyday! (Smiles)

dominickgallegos 2014-04-24 14:09:59 -0500 Report

Hey m, I felt the same way when I became a T1D right after I got out the USAF…it sucked! I went though probably 5 years of depression and now push forward 13 yrs, I finally realized how important it is to take care of myself. Sadly only you can come to this realization but the quicker you do the longer you'll live. My girlfriend (and now my wife) was instrumental in helping me through that period and it sounds like ur mom is eager to be someone you can lean on as you go through this time. If ur not already on a pump I would encourage you to look at one since it's really best way you can take care of yourself. Also check out some of the clinicals that going on for people that are somewhat newly diagnosed. Might want to check out faustmanlab.org. There is some awesome stuff going on toward curing this disease and I would encourage you to get involved. It also might help with your frustrations. At least in the short term it's not going away so you need to get over it and move forward, and there are plenty of people that are willing to help. Start with your mom! Good luck, please let me know if you have any questions!

Trudie Ann
Trudie Ann 2014-04-23 04:06:39 -0500 Report

I am so sorry.
I think you should talk to your mom and your doctor and tell them how you feel.
Your doctor will be able to help you or refer you to a counselor or a specialist who will be able to talk with you about how you feel and help you. Best Wishes!

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