surgery when you are a diabetic

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I just came home from the hospital from having neck surgery, alateral discectomy with single level fusion i think this is the correct name for it. Any way, The incision is in the very fron of my neck ( throat area ) the pain is horrib le despite the meds. I know that this is to be expected with any surgery but what I am concerned about is the healing process of the incision. IT has absorpable sutures inside and a special glue for thr outside. IT is becoming extremely sore and more red than it was but as I understand it this is normal in most cases. My question is being a diabetic with all that glue holding it together and no air getting to it how will it heal enough before the glue begins to come off?

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shannonlynn 2009-01-28 22:27:11 -0600 Report

Yes! Ask the doctor as soon as possible.
I just had surgery too. I have a lot of redness, bruising, swelling and pain. They said this would be normal. The healing process is beginning at a slow pace. I know it tkes longer for diabetics to heal. Be very careful and watch for any signs of infection. This is very important for your health as a diabetic. Maybe you should even give your doctor a call with your question.

Suzy2211 2009-01-28 20:53:11 -0600 Report

Defineatly ask your doctor. With the other surgeries I have had, redness is not good and being a diabetic, that really isn't good.