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I hate to ask but I have been reading and reading and can't find an answer for this. I NEVER run high on BS levels, normally very low. I tested at 6:30 am and it was 100. I took my insulin at 7:45 am and ate breakfast. Tested at 11:00 am and it was 111. (I did cut back the am insulin dose 3 mgs because it was inline and this is what the doctor told me to do.) I had a hamburger with a spot of mayo and unsweetened tea for lunch at 12:30. I tested again at 3:00 pm at it was 467!!!!!! What am I doing wrong. I waited an hour and tested again and it was 402. I took extra insulin at 5:00 pm and am waiting to test in an hour or so. Is this normal? It really scared me. Thanks, Angie

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Richard157 2009-02-03 14:35:00 -0600 Report

Angie, I used 70/30 for a lot of years and ny BG bounced like a yo-yo. Too many highs and lows. I asked my doctor if I could use separate vials of NPH and Humalog and he agreed. That way i could use the carb counting method and take the appropriate amount of Humalog to counteract for the number of carbs I was going to eat. I established my insulin/carb ratios for different times of the day and my control improved very, very much. I rarely had bad highs or lows after that. The best way of having good control with insulin is to use a pump. The second best way is to inject by using carb counting. I use Humalog prior to each meal and snack. It is a lot easier with a pump though.

The bun is white bread. White bread causes an early spike. I don't ever eat white bread. I buy low carb bread. Wheat bread is not good for me either. Low carb oatmeal bread or multi grain bread are my favorites. Only 8 carbs per slice. The BG does not spike early that way. The BG rise comes more slowly and by that time the insulin is taking effect so there is not much high sugar at all if your insulin/carb ratio is well established.

I carry two slices of low carb bread in a zip lock sandwich bag when I go to McDonalds. I order a big Mac and replsce the bun with my bread slices. I toss the bun and have a low carb meal. It still tastes just as good to me. The bread does not have much of a taste anyway. It is the hamburger and other filling that gives the taste and all that filling is low carb. I never eat fries. A salad is good at McDonalds but look in the Calorie King, some of their salads are rather high carb. It mostly depends on what dressing you choose.

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My only comment is that there are no stupid questions about BS, so don't be afraid to ask. If you don't know something, you don't know, so ask away!!

jeanann1972 2009-01-29 09:38:16 -0600 Report

This sounds like what my mom is going through and they have changed her insulin several times. I am going to have to make sure that she drys her hands before testing because I never knew that could make your sugar levels be high. Thanks for that insight. I hope that you get your levels under control as that seems to be the best thing for us.

kdroberts 2009-01-28 14:06:54 -0600 Report

What insulin do you take? Where did you get the tea from? What was on the burger?

jaclyncrystal 2009-01-28 16:39:01 -0600 Report

worried about you so glad your numbers came down, do not stress smile that is what everyone keeps telling me and by the way there is no such thing on here as a stupid or silly question. hugs jackie

2009-01-29 06:15:54 -0600 Report

Hi KD. I am back on Humulin 70/30 as of two weeks ago. The burger and tea both came from Whataburger. The burger just had the bun, meat and light mayo. I have eaten this several times before with no problems. I think I just went haywire that day. Thanks for your help!

rbergman 2009-01-28 12:08:00 -0600 Report

A few questions that come to mind are:
Do you count carbs? The bun that the hamburger was on could have been high in carbs.
I also thought about the washing well first? My daughter just last night goofed and had been eating popcorn and did not wash before testing and had a 207 reading, 2 min later after washing well, she had a 131.
I also wonder about changing your first dosage to a lower amount??
I do hope things change and your readings go back to more normal readings but if not I'd be calling the doctor, actually I probably already would have.
Did you experience any of the high B/S symptoms? Racing heart beat, overly tiredness, urinating and drinking more than usual? Just a few things that come to mind here.

firefightermom 2009-01-28 12:22:42 -0600 Report

we have had a problem with rebounding it is when the blood sugar drops low and it isn't noticed ( you don't feel low) and your body starts putting out hormones(epinephrine & glucagon) and they raise the blood sugar.Just a thought it sounds like it was the bread. my daughter will go out to play and have a good b.g then come in and check it and it be way to high and it's because of rebounding.check out the book "understanding diabetes" at it has helped me so much the past years.hope your next check is good.

Headsup 2009-01-28 13:19:47 -0600 Report

I am going to check out that book. I need to know more about diabetes. I read things on this site that I have never heard of before. Rebounding is one of them. Night time is the worse for me. I have so much diabetic neuropathy pain. Sometimes when I take my BS during the night it is high.

2009-01-28 04:37:20 -0600 Report

I don't know much about insulins and how often to use it, but, I can offer information that I have learned here.

Only that, you should wait about 2 hours after meals, because of the digestion system, and then test. You will still tend to be a little higher, but more accurate to your day to day testing.

Try to keep on a regular eating and testing schedule. Throwing off your times of meals, can throw off your levels. Stress or sleepless nights can be factors also.

There are also a lot more factors that you can look into, that affect your blood sugars.

Hope this helps a little

SkipT 2009-01-28 04:02:52 -0600 Report

I really think that bun was the culprit. Why don't you try eating the same thing without the bun and see what the results are.
Most bread contains sugar and that could have been the trigger. I don't eat any bread. I once tried a hamburger bun half just to see and my numbers went up 150 points!

dj7110 2009-01-27 19:17:18 -0600 Report

first of all, I don't think this is a stupid question. This is a bit high reading.. To me, sounds like it has more to do than with what you had to eat. I have experianced jumps also n sugar reading in excess of 500 as this is as high as my meter would go. but turned out on the same days i got injections in my spine was due to that medication. So I always have to pay extra attenion to my reading from now on when I get my spinal injections and take the extra insulin accordingly. another thing that can effect readings is not letting your finger to dry thoroughly after swabing it prior to the b/s test. are there any changes in brand of swabs? Id also want to do a test on the meter to make sure it is reading alright, Do a control test on the meter. It can be damaged if dropped etc. double and make sure your test strips match the proper number you are cuurrently useng in the meter. make sure they aren't expired. thye did have a recall on a few different meters awhile back to due to taking not taking proper readings close 12:00. I think these were the accu-chek brand. David

2009-01-27 19:25:53 -0600 Report

Thank you David. I use hand sanitizer and rubbing alcohol on my hands before I test. I do get in a hurry and my fingers might not be completely dry. I'll watch that from now on! I tested with my freestyle lite meter and my accu-chex meter and the readings were within 5 points of each other. The hamburger I had only had the bun, meat and light mayo. I'm just so confused as to what I did to make this happen. Now I don't want to test anymore and am having a pity party! Thanks again, your friend, Angie

2009-01-27 18:59:21 -0600 Report

I am happy but so confused. It came down to 101. I guess I will just take my log book to the doctor on Thursday and see what he says. Thank you all, I just freaked out. Love, Angie

highlandcitygirl 2009-01-27 18:21:07 -0600 Report

make sure you call the doctor. is there anyone on call tonight, that you can get in touch with. i am concerned!

2009-01-27 18:23:08 -0600 Report

If it's not pretty close to normal when I test at 7:00 pm, I'm calling him at home. I hate to, but I am worried because this has never happened! Thanks Barbara!

fun2u2007 2009-01-27 18:13:58 -0600 Report

OMG! I don't take insulin, but that seems like way to high of a jump for just eating a hamburger with a little mayo. Have you had that high of a jump that quick before?

2009-01-27 18:15:56 -0600 Report

No, never! That's why I almost passed out when I saw the reading. I noticed my eyes were burning but otherwise, I felt and still feel fine. I'm so confused.

fun2u2007 2009-01-27 18:18:10 -0600 Report

Well I will be praying your reading in an hour is significantly lower. Hang in there. Lisa

2009-01-27 18:19:40 -0600 Report

Thank you Lisa, I will let you know what it is. Gosh, I hope it comes down!

2009-01-27 19:00:20 -0600 Report

LOL, I don't know. It was just a Junior Burger from Whataburger… I know…

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LadyDi - 26259Miller
LadyDi - 26259Miller 2009-01-27 18:11:22 -0600 Report

That is scary, Angie! And hard to understand, as I've heard you say what your numbers normally run, and they're always very low. If it happens again, I'd immediately call the doctor. I'm sure you had washed your hands thoroughly and made sure your needle was clean, etc., but that could be part of it. Or your monitor may be going haywire.

2009-01-27 18:13:21 -0600 Report

Hi friend, I thought that too, so I tested again with a different meter. It was almost the same! I just hope it comes down after the insulin kicks in. Thanks Diane…hugs