Diabetes And The Internet

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I found this discussion in a newsletter in my email this morning. Very interesting. I agree that there are potential problems when we try and sort out infromation about diabetes while surfing the internet. Here is the discussion.

"This year, hundreds of new services will launch that cater to people with diabetes. Some will be built by multinational corporations with millions to spend. Others will start in a college dorm room funded by an urge to improve our lives. They promise to inform you, connect you with your medical team, keep your blood sugars in check, and put your frazzled mind at ease.

This new generation of tools invites a new generation of possibilities - but also one of problems.

1.How do patients sort information from misinformation?
2.How do we build effective support networks online?
3.How can the web help people connect in the real world?
4.How can the web improve doctor/patient communication?
5.How do we protect our personal information?

We call these new technologies and the issues that surround them Diabetes 2.0.

Over the upcoming year, we will be hosting a discussion on these thorny issues. Manny Hernandez of Tu Diabetes and the Diabetes Hand Foundation kicks off the series with a plea for Diabetes 2.0 service providers to see us as patients rather than consumers."

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LadyDi - 26259Miller
LadyDi - 26259Miller 2009-01-26 19:09:16 -0600 Report

As wonderful and helpful as the Internet can be, it can also be very dangerous when it comes to a lot of things - certainly health being one of the major issues. As with everything, we have to be very cautious and smart and attempt to determine the adequacy and authenticity of the source of all information we find. As for medical information, sticking to sites that are well know (WebMD, the research & teaching hospitals, the AMA, associations like the ADA, etc.) is pretty much your best bet. Certainly any information that you might see that is also trying to sell you something is not too reliable (although it could be). We can't be too cautious about anything we see, hear or read.

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Thank you for posting this information. It should prove to be very useful. Hopefully alot of good work and information will come of this.

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