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I have been doing so good with my blood sugars, and eating right and loosing weight. But this weekend since Friday I have felt like giving up. I have eaten too much and the wrong things, I do not feel like testing. I did last night and it was 270 before bed. So what did I do, I ate a candy bar. This morning it was 160. So my meds helped some. But today I am feeling the same way. I want to have biscuits and gravy and eggs for breakfast. I do not know what is wrong with me. I am taking my meds but eating all the wrong things it is not helping much. I know I need to get back on track but right now I just do not feel like it. Nothing has happened in my family or anything, this is just all me. Please offer any suggestions. I feel like I am happy enough with my life but something is wrong.

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roshy 2009-02-18 17:31:35 -0600 Report

Id just like to to reply to you to let you know i feel like this everyday.
My life is going great at the moment, i have a fantastic supportive family, wonderful friends who are always there for me, i attend college and have two good enjoyable socialble jobs, i know all about my condition, what i should and shouldnt be doing and yet i fail to keep my sugars under control. I am constantly craving sugar and eating food that isnt the right choice but i eat it because i crave it all the time.
I have been living this way for over five years now and i have gone to the doctor and the diatition but its like going round in circles.
I have decided to speak to a councellor and discuss my issue with a professional. I honestly believe i have an emotional attachment with food but i also think that my body craves the sugar.
Hopefully this message will help you to feel like your not alone. Maybe try talking about it to a close family member or a friend. If you would like you can send me a private message and i could talk to you about it, i really do know exactly what your going through, and it makes life sometimes feel very isolated and hard to deal with.

Hope you feel better soon

roshy! x

DiabetesDiva 2009-02-19 16:31:08 -0600 Report

For the last 2 years, I was part of a group headed by a therapist and nutritionist specializing in eating disorders. I was anorexic/bulimic in my 20's an an overeater in the later years. I learned so much from them & the others in my group. The first thing was learning to forgive myself. I've kept 30 lbs off for almost 2 years!

Hang in there. Each day is a new one.


jsd2005 2009-02-18 07:21:58 -0600 Report

Hello and I feel for you. Many get to this stage at some point. It is very tiring and can get the best of you if you let it. It can pay games with your emotions. Try to stay ahead of the game and read, try to relax and as you say sit down and work out a game plan in your head. I oftentimes will prepare myself for sleep by thinking about what I want to dream about. I will think of a scenario and when I wake up I have the energy and spirit to work through what is troubling me. You have the power, control and the discipline to handle and manage.
I wish you continued success and strength.

2009-02-17 21:09:36 -0600 Report

I've been paying attention lately, and discovered I'm STILL a closet eater! In front of my husband, I'm a healthy eater, but when I've been recently alone, I swear I hear the Pop Tarts calling my name, and figured out I can mow a box of 16 down in the matter of a couple days! My problem is the PTSD I have, and I haven't been taking my Lexapro the right way, so I guess I have only myself to blame.

Meridian - 26751
Meridian - 26751 2009-02-18 02:24:06 -0600 Report

Well,…stop it. Wouldn't it be nice if that is all it took to change your eating patterns? We all know that it isn't. Cookies are my down fall. Sometimes comfort food starts out innocently enough, but then the arm goes into "automatic mode" and in just a couple of minutes you look over and the package is empty. It must be funny to watch. Every time my elbow bends my mouth flies open. Don't give up Legs. There's hope for us all.

2009-02-16 20:44:10 -0600 Report

When I was first diagnosed, I went headlong into denial. I was fresh out of rehab, so alcohol was not an option, but ice cream was just as bad or worse for me. So I sat in the corner of the ice cream saloon, and ate a huge banana split, hoping no one that knew I was newly diabetic would come in.

This was back in 1992, and I still have bouts of the 'I no longer care' thing. That's why I am on the pump now. Which in some cases is better or worse. I can eat pretty much I want, but I have to test with every meal or snack, in order to bolus.

In fact, I am currently trying my best to fend off one of these self defeating episodes. Wish me luck!

rbergman 2009-02-16 20:58:47 -0600 Report

My bouts of denial last for days or weeks or months and even had one bout for years, reality for me was when our daughter was recently diagnosed, if a 7yr old has to learn the right way and follow the rules, I'm not a very good diabetic role model if I'm not taking care of myself. Not to say I'm glad my daughter has diabetes but it was my wake up call that I best get off my lazy diabetic ass and take care of myself if I ever expect her to do it right…lead by example. Not saying it doesn't suck I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired and still feel like its all for nothing as far as myself is concerned but for her sake I vowed to take better care of myself right along side her.

Anonymous 2009-01-25 14:14:22 -0600 Report

Thank you all so much for your comments and advice. I did not eat the gravy and biscuits, I had an omelet with veggies. I think just saying it all out loud helped some, because I have tested today and took all my meds. I am even planning on going to the store with a list of my healthy normal diabetic type foods. I think I was just feeling over whelmed with it all. Sometimes I hate to stick my finger, I hate to give my insulin shots. But I seem to have calmed down some. I have been reading a good book today, watched a movie and played some online games. Back to my routine. Burned my candles and took a shower(that helped alot). thank you all again. We have the best people on DC. I love all you guys.

DiabetesDiva 2009-01-25 13:19:26 -0600 Report

I've had type 2 for less than 2 years. I experience bouts like these on and off. Sometimes it lasts 2-3 days, but I always get back on track. I've eaten as much as 1/2 pound of See's candy in one sitting. When I do this, I eat "healthy" the rest of the day. This morning I did have biscuits & gravy, using center cut bacon, non-fat milk and multigrain biscuit mix. I have learned that testing does help keep me motivated. Hang in there. It's ok.


Meridian - 26751
Meridian - 26751 2009-01-25 12:03:46 -0600 Report

Good discussion topic. This is a part of diabetes I hadn't ever heard about. Obviously I've never had it happen, but thanks to your discussion I am now aware of it and will recognize it when and if it does happen to me. Thank you.

LadyDi - 26259Miller
LadyDi - 26259Miller 2009-01-25 11:50:40 -0600 Report

I just went through that during the latter half of last year. The more I did that was unacceptable, the more I went ahead with it. I've had diabetes (Type 2) for years, and, oddly enough, that's the first time I experienced a spell like that. I didn't test, and I continuously ate things that I knew were unacceptable. Then, in mid-October I went for my A1c and annual physical. Figured the A1c would be high, but was shocked to see it was 9.2!! Needless to say my family physician was not happy, and she immediately sent me to the endo I currently see.

I was expecting to be jumped all over by the endo when I told him of my "burnout" period (which I had also explained to my family doctor). Just the contrary. He was very understanding (not happy about it) and let me know that this is not unusual, but something that most diabetics face sooner or later.

I got it out of my system and went back to work after talking with him. Even with a few little "slips" I brought it down to 7.4 this week. I still have to do better. But don't beat yourself up, as the saying goes, because you are not perfect. None of us are, and it sure isn't FUN dealing with diabetes.

The thing to keep in mind when we're tempted to fall "off the wagon" is what the eventual results of this might be, and I know none of us want those complications! Good luck with going through this tough time and getting back on track soon!

2009-01-25 11:10:57 -0600 Report

Don't worry,most of us have experienced this at one time or another. It's called "diabetes burnout". Sometimes it lasts a day and sometimes it lasts longer. Why does this happen? Because we are human beings and dealing with this everyday takes it's toll. You just need to find that reason that motivated you before. Do some serious thinking about what motivated you to get on the 'bus' in the first place. Mine was not wanting to go blind or lose a limb. Maybe it will help to re-read the complications that can happen from diabetes to 'snap' your brain back into the routine.
Don't fret or blame yourself for this, that will only make it worse -self blame is an awful thing. Just do some reading and re-educate yourself even though you already know these things. I've been through this many times in my life and I always get back in the swing of things before long. You are aware of what you are doing so that's the first step back to reality and you posted here so you are on the road home. :)

Good luck!

treesgirl 2009-01-25 11:21:08 -0600 Report

i am reltively new here, but one thing i am doing is not having any "bad" food in the house. Since i live 15 miles from town it is not a simple thing to jump in the truck and go get some either. It helps if all i can find to eat is healthy stuff! Good luck! Blessings.

2009-01-25 11:09:43 -0600 Report

I think everyone goes thru this at one time or another. I have. When this happens to me, the feeling of wanting to give up, and just go eat everything in the house, I will try several things. I will go take a nap, or sit quietly in my recliner with my feet up and talk things thru in my head. I will talk myself into calming down, make phone calls to family or friends I haven't talked to in a while, I go for a drive just to get out and into the fresh air and clear my head, or visit a neighbor. I don't know if any of this will work for you or not, but I don't know of anything else I can do to help you other than to be here on-line to just listen or maybe help talk you thru some things. Mary

highlandcitygirl 2009-01-25 10:38:14 -0600 Report

you are talking about "the great emptyiness" that people go through at times in their life. the more you worry over it the worse it gets! i liken it to a calling out of our spirit for something in our lives that is fulfilling and in trying to fill it, we stuff our faces with anything we think we desire, even if we know it is bad for us. it is a horrible thing to go through, i pray that you get relief very soon!