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Started 2009-01-23 22:57:40 -0600

hey everybody it's Christopher again and danielle's endo doc in ann arbor wants me to run danielle in to the er everytime danielle has two low blood sugars in an 8 hour period and guess what the doctors at the er laughed at me when i said that i asked why and they said that the only thing they would do is give her a d-50 shot and kick her out and we could do the same thing by giving danielle a glucagon shot also my wife has gastroparesis and we were informed that all pain meds to treat it only slow down the digestion process so know what ?????????

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rbergman 2009-01-30 15:38:23 -0600 Report

I'm having issues of my own with conflicting idea's and such with daughters endo, but found a new one and am seeing them this coming week so hang in there, if all else fails you'll have to do what I did and seek another opinion. As far as your wife's condition, I too have the same condition (type2 diabetic here), I just posted this website for someone else in a different discussion about the condition, not sure how much help it will be but give it a try!
Best of Luck with both situations, prayers be with you and yours!

2009-01-24 20:07:35 -0600 Report

In my opinion, I would call the doctor who told you to take her to the er and get more info. Tell the dr what you were told by those at the ER. Signals are definately being crossed here. I would find out what's going on!!!!

calebsemme2003 2009-01-30 08:41:05 -0600 Report

i already have and these doctors don't know what there talking about

2009-01-30 15:13:50 -0600 Report

I'm sorry to hear that. I have no other suggestions, unless, of course you would want to change doctors. I'm sorry I can't be of any better help to you.

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