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Just wanted to share that my Freedom from Smoking class is helping me 'greatly'. I'm on day three of quitting and it's not so bad with the lessons I've learned in class. Yes I get cravings but I know how to work through them now. They also have a free online class where you get the material without the 'live and in person support'. I learned most importantly that 'Day One' is the most important day of quitting because without 'Day One' there can't be a 'Day One Hundred'!!! I going to do this!!

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mamaoak 2009-04-26 15:29:23 -0500 Report

that is good. just rember day 3 and week 3 third month and third year the third year was my down fall. 911 happend and we where moving here to the u.s. then a hurican and a sniper came to town and i was a reck stared back a gain stoped in jan but got this diabetes and started back again becaus i an obsinate dr who sent me home on two much insuline almost lost me because of it and i have not got up the courage again to stop even though it is only 5 or seveen a day. congrates on the first day it gets easyer. maybe we could quit to gether it sure would be nice to have a partner in this.

firefightermom 2009-03-25 06:50:01 -0500 Report

Hey!! I am on day 20 and my husband day 17 smoke free!! Glad you started this post and to everyone still hoping to make that day one don't give up!! I tried for years and just finally had this huge change of what's important to my life and started telling myself with God's help I am not a smoker and we made it through… don't beat yourself up and just keep pressing on until you get that 1st day behind you. We went cold turkey and just daily found a scripture to hold on too and thanked God for freedom.. be blessed and pray for us and I will continue to do the same for you all.. Tina.

2009-03-25 06:57:42 -0500 Report

Thankyou for all the encouragement. I was questioning my own ability to quit. I have to, I need to, I want to.

Debe Pendice
Debe Pendice 2009-03-25 07:11:42 -0500 Report

Claudia, I know in my heart you are able to do this. You have accomplished so much in your lifetime and this will be another notch in your belt. You go girl!!!!…Debe

Debe Pendice
Debe Pendice 2009-03-25 07:10:07 -0500 Report

I am so proud of you and your husband on your accomplishment. It might work better that the 2 of youns decided to do it together. I will be praying for you on the road to being non-smokers…Debe

beauty416 2009-03-23 11:24:06 -0500 Report

Good for you. Keep up the good work. You are right that you can't quit smoking without day 1. Smoking is very bad for you and it is even worse on people that have to breathe second hand smoke. My boyfriend smokes and his smoking has caused me to have asthma. I try to stay away from his as much as I can and it really helps me.

Debe Pendice
Debe Pendice 2009-03-22 05:54:27 -0500 Report

Judy, How is the No Smoking going for you? Is it still hard everyday not to pick up a cigarette? I also would like to know how long it has been for you now. I am so proud of you…Debe

2009-03-22 12:00:28 -0500 Report

Hey Debe, go up a few and you'll see my post. It's been over 2 months now and still going strong. I have my moments when I want to pick one up but I don't and the urge passes.


Lanore 2009-03-22 12:54:48 -0500 Report

My best to all who are quiting…it is not easy but you go do it. You all will be in my prayers. It does get easier as you go down that road and you are not alone in this, many of us have done it. It is sooo worth it. I was one who thought she could never quit, I have been smoke FREE for almost six yrs now.
Take care. Lanore ;-)

2009-03-23 07:43:05 -0500 Report

I came back here today especially to look at how you are doing, Judy, and tell you I am quitting on Sunday; the day before my next birthday. This discussion gives me more hope and incentive.
My health is definitely at risk; I had quit for two years, a couple of years ago. I had an operation with anesthesia and walked out of the hospital and asked for a cigarette like I never even knew I did not smoke. I swear it had something to do with the anesthesia. Anyway, I need to quit and will come back to discussion from time to time for moral support as you keep gaining strength from you continual non smoking experience. Hurray For You

Debe Pendice
Debe Pendice 2009-03-23 07:54:08 -0500 Report

You go Claudia!!! I think it may make you feel 100% better. I am so proud of Judy. I myself never smoked, but I can't imagine how hard it must be to want to quit. Good luck to both of youns…Debe

DonnaAnn 2009-03-21 16:12:38 -0500 Report

well, i could not find the class, so i went and bought the patch. 20 dollars for patches beats what I was paying for cigs. in a week!

grandma4 2009-03-21 03:12:19 -0500 Report

YOU GO GIRL.. i dream of quitting. but just cant get to day one.. i keep you in my prayers.. yvonne

2009-03-21 21:38:08 -0500 Report

When you are ready you'll find your way. I took me many tries..

Without Day One there can be no Day 100!!!

lipsie 2009-03-20 18:01:42 -0500 Report

I admire you Vicki, I sure wish I had the strengh. You have a tough road ahead of you, it won't be easy but you're giving your best shot, great job! Congrads! Sheila

lipsie 2009-03-20 18:01:42 -0500 Report

I admire you Vicki, I sure wish I had the strengh. You have a tough road ahead of you, it won't be easy but you're giving your best shot, great job! Congrads! Sheila

firefightermom 2009-03-20 06:48:35 -0500 Report

today is my 16th day and my husbands 13th day SMOKE FREE!! cold turkey with alot of prayers!! see ya.

2009-03-20 12:02:46 -0500 Report

Congrats to you both!! Way to go… You'll be successful I'm sure. We all have to take one day at a time and sometimes it's one hour at a time.

Hang in there.. I know you can do it!!


vgarrison 2009-03-20 01:54:53 -0500 Report


First off I would like to say Way to Go!! Then I would also like to say THANK YOU!! Reading all your posts on this discussion has helped me greatly. I am now on day 6 of not smoking.

I read in a bood a few weeks ago about how as a diabetic, if we smoke, we will be 3 times more likely to get any diabetic complication. It also stated that as diabetics if we smoke, we have a death wish. This was one of those slap in the face moments of my life. I got on here and found your post and wow it was a big help…

Just know that you have helped change my life as well as change yours…for that one thing alone..I thank you…and more importantly my 3 year old thanks you too!

Blessed Be

2009-03-20 12:01:42 -0500 Report

Congrats Vicki. It's the toughest thing we'll do this year but it's the most worth it… I don't take any responsibility for your success, it's all you!! You made the choice to do it and you are the one being successful anything I said to encourage you was merely words. It's your guts and determination that make you successful . Hang in there!!

It gets easier with time.. :)

2009-03-19 22:51:00 -0500 Report

My update for the day: It's been 2 months since I quit smoking and I'm still going strong.. :)

*Judy - Free and Healing for Two Months and 50 Minutes, while extending my life expectancy 3 Days and 1 Hour, by avoiding the use of 886 nicotine delivery devices that would have cost me $188.63.

roshy 2009-02-22 15:19:36 -0600 Report

ah Judy congrats!!

May the Force be with you!!!

Lots of love Roisin x x

2009-02-22 15:26:42 -0600 Report

Thanks :) The force is with me as I hope it is with you!!

roshy 2009-02-22 15:37:11 -0600 Report

well it will be tomro!! 21 whooo hooo!! i promised im goin to make all the changes i need so i can live til im 101!!!
Your sons quote conveys how i feel!!! im just going to DO IT!!!

x x x

2009-02-22 23:16:20 -0600 Report

Your birthday? 21? You are about the same age as my insightful son… he lives with me going to college. He'll be 21 in August.

2009-02-22 23:25:09 -0600 Report

yeah yeah Robin… 21 x what? lol just kidding ok so you'll be 40.. I'm 51 and feel better than I did at 40 so see what you have to look forward to? When Laura is 18, you will be full of xxxx and vinegar and you can come to Wisconsin and hang out with me… LOL

21 yea yea yea lol

2009-02-22 15:05:27 -0600 Report

Thank you everyone for your support on my becoming a nonsmoker. I'm still going strong and will be a guest speaker at the next class's quit date in May. The education dept at the hospital also has asked me to become a facilitator so I can run my own classes in the future. I told them I'll be holding off on that until I've been a nonsmoker for at least a year but it's out there for me as a goal. With all these 'commitments', it's making me stay on track as I can't be a guest speaker at the quit date for the new people if I don't stay quit myself. I'm finding that making myself accountable to others is the factor that has made this work for me this time (of about 10 tries to quit) As my son told me a quote from Yoda (of Star Wars fame) that works for me "Do or Do Not, there is no try" So it's not that I'm trying to quit, I AM a nonsmoker now and being so definite about it makes it easier to stay away. Let me know if you get sick of me giving you updates LOL

*Judy - Free and Healing for One Month, Two Days, 17 Hours and 3 Minutes, while extending my life expectancy 1 Day and 18 Hours, by avoiding the use of 506 nicotine delivery devices that would have cost me $107.60.

Debe Pendice
Debe Pendice 2009-02-22 16:12:52 -0600 Report

Keep saving that money from not smoking maybe a few of us friends could go on a cruise or something together…Debe

2009-02-15 22:12:50 -0600 Report

Just an update… If I can do this, anyone can!!! :)

Judy - Free and Healing for Twenty Seven Days and 11 Minutes, while extending my life expectancy 1 Day and 9 Hours, by avoiding the use of 405 nicotine delivery devices that would have cost me $86.18.

Ashalka 2009-02-17 18:19:02 -0600 Report

Great job!! Keep it up. I myself have just made it 3 yrs in January without smoking after doing so for almost 40 yrs. IT CAN BE DONE!!!

roshy 2009-02-17 20:13:18 -0600 Report

judy!! you are a star!! you just proved to everyone that determination, motivation, smart thinking and solid will power will help you achieve what feels like "the impossible"

your my inspiration for the future!! thanks a mill for sharing your success story with us!! hopefully i'll be sharing mine with you one day! x

DonnaAnn 2009-02-10 08:09:57 -0600 Report

I wwent to this site and joined, but did not see where to take the lessons you speak of.

2009-02-10 22:09:07 -0600 Report

They are offered at my hospital here. I guess you could call the American lung Assoc and ask if they have any in your area.


2009-02-10 22:18:44 -0600 Report

Info for CT :To learn more about the Freedom From SmokingĀ® program or to schedule a clinic for your organization, please contact Ann Ottalagana by email or by telephone at 413-737-3506. Or you can participate in the American Lung Association's new online program. Register for Freedom From SmokingĀ® online today!

In addition, you may contact the Connecticut QuitLine, which provides information, telephone counseling, and referral to local treatment programs. Call toll-free at 1-866-END-HABIT (1-866-363-4224).

datzme 2009-02-09 11:45:21 -0600 Report

Hi I know how hard it is going on 7 years for me this year. Congrads to you.
I also found a tip if you feel like smoking a sugar free peppermint stick or candy like that works fantastic. Also it makes you naturally feel better. Congrads again.

pjeckert 2009-02-09 07:55:28 -0600 Report

I think this is really great!
How do you do it? Do you have a web site or a phone number or a way I can get in contact to start these classes? I really need to stop smoking. I have tried many times over the years and failed. The longest I went was 2 years…lived with a smoker and it was just too tempting for me. It sounds like you really have nipped it in the bud.
I love your enthusiasum. You sound wonderful and excited and oh just as content as God intended one be. If you have more information, I would be greatly indebted to you or anyone that has any information about these classes. This could be one thing that could help me to start feeling alot better.

roshy 2009-02-09 08:54:04 -0600 Report


i read somewhere that every one smoke knocks off 8 minutes of your life!!!!

there is A LOT you can do in 8 minutes!!

2009-02-09 14:14:03 -0600 Report

I'm taking a class at the hospital called Freedom from Smoking. It's from the American Lung Association and there is a free online version. I think the link is in this post up toward the top. I've tried to quit many times and never felt the comfort that I do this time. It's so important to stop smoking for our health.. diabetes complications, blood pressure, and all the other million reasons why. If you'd like to email me on here you can and I'll help any way I can. :)

I'll add you as a friend and then you can contact me.

pjeckert 2009-02-10 09:42:09 -0600 Report

I'm all signed up an jazzed to get started or should I say stopped!
Thanx for you help on this. I'm excited. I feel better just thinking about it.

Debe Pendice
Debe Pendice 2009-02-08 19:36:37 -0600 Report

Judy, How is the stop smoking doing? I am so proud of you, you are such an inspiration. Now if I can use this method maybe I could lose weight.(LOL).

2009-02-08 22:29:47 -0600 Report

Hi Debe, I'm 20 days in now and I'm doing fine!! According to my quit counter, I've saved 1 day of my life!! yay!!

*Judy - Free and Healing for Twenty Days and 28 Minutes, while extending my life expectancy 1 Day and 1 Hour, by avoiding the use of 300 nicotine delivery devices that would have cost me $63.87.

Debe Pendice
Debe Pendice 2009-02-09 05:55:07 -0600 Report

Being I have never been a smoker, it amazes me to see the facts you have shown us. You have saved 1 day of life, how wonderful. I have friends that smoke only cause they enjoy it. How can anyone suck up smoke and enjoy it. Youns suck it up to blow it out, I still don't understand the theory behind it, but what veer floats their boat. Proud of you girl!!!…Debe

rj 2009-01-30 23:29:04 -0600 Report

GOOD JOB!!!!!!!!!!! Stay with it…It can happen was a 2 pack a day kinda guy been quit for 4 years now!!!!!!

Anngelia 2009-01-30 10:08:24 -0600 Report

Congratulations! I quit about 20 years ago and it was probably the best thing I have ever done for myself. The cravings will hang on but you just have to be tougher than they are. You go girl, you can do it! We are all pulling for ya.

Debe Pendice
Debe Pendice 2009-01-30 12:30:28 -0600 Report

You go girl!!! That is something you should be proud of, 20 years…Debe

Anngelia 2009-01-30 13:44:32 -0600 Report

Thanks Debe, I'm hoping that one day we can say the same thing about Judy. :-)

Debe Pendice
Debe Pendice 2009-01-30 14:27:09 -0600 Report

Judy has been a true friend to be and there all the time for me. I and other friends here will keep her on the path to good health…debe

2009-01-30 23:00:24 -0600 Report

Thanks you guys!! I'm on Day 11 now and feeling like I've got control over this. I really recommend the Freedom from Smoking classes offered by the American Lung Association. It was the only thing I hadn't tried and it's working for me and for the others in the class. We had a guest speaker in on Tuesday and he's been quit for over a year now and he said the same thing. He had tried everything and finally tried the support group and it worked for him too. I find I feel more in control and today I went the whole day without really even thinking about it… yay!!!! Thanks for your support everyone. Hey they asked me if I'd come and be a guest speaker at future classes so I have to do this. I have commitments to teach others.. !!! LOL


2009-01-31 07:11:14 -0600 Report

Judy, that is so great. I am going to check on the web site. I guess you have to go out to do this.

I tried everything too, I quit for 2 years, had surgery; walked out of the hospital and asked for a cigarette. It is so weird. And, I do not know why.
Power of anesthesia.

So happy for you

Rita Kay
Rita Kay 2009-02-02 11:37:55 -0600 Report

Great job on quitting. Keep it up, you will feel better every day.
My son's best friend passed away this Friday. He fell and died. It's so hard to believe. He was 16, the same age as my son. How can I help me son? He won't talk to anyone about it. How can parents keep thier children from death? It's so hard to understand. Help me out please

Meridian - 26751
Meridian - 26751 2009-02-07 03:23:29 -0600 Report

As a loving parent we want to fix everything and every situation that befalls our children. Since it is beyond our power to bring his best friend back to life we need to understand that this is a situation we cannot fix. So all that we can do in times like these is offer support, love, empathy, understanding, and space. Like Leigh said, it takes time and the more time that passes the easier it will become for your son to deal with this. He has to be given the time to sort it all out and make his own discoveries of its' meaning. He has to deal with this the same way a man eats an elephant…one bite at a time.

Bdette 2009-01-29 22:38:23 -0600 Report

Congratulations! 10 days is awesome. You are someone to be inspired by for your courage to admit an addiction and your strength to fight it. Keep on keeping on.

highlandcitygirl 2009-01-29 21:15:30 -0600 Report

glory to GOD in the highest! judy, your a winner!

Meridian - 26751
Meridian - 26751 2009-01-28 07:08:19 -0600 Report

This must be about day 8 Judy. That means you've made it a whole week! Congratulations. The addiction is over, now all you have to break is the habit. We all have confidence in you. You are a strong person.

2009-01-29 21:02:13 -0600 Report

Thanks!! I didn't see your reply yesterday… But today is DAY 10!!!

2009-01-29 21:02:13 -0600 Report

I didn't see your reply yesterday… so today (Thursday 1/29/09) is DAY 10 @ 10:00pm CST!!!
I have stopped nicotine for 9 days, 23 hours, 3 minutes and 1 second (9 days).

I've not smoked 149 death sticks, and saved $31.76.
I've saved 12 hours and 27 minutes of my life.

John Crowley
John Crowley 2009-01-30 09:53:43 -0600 Report

That is a very powerful perspective to add to this effort to quit. I am headed off to the funeral of a dear friend of mine who died unexpectedly on Sunday. He was 52 years old.

2009-01-30 22:56:51 -0600 Report

I'm sorry to hear that John… my sympathies to you on the loss of your friend.


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