Who Could Use a "Diabetes Makeover"?

Amy Tenderich
By Amy Tenderich Latest Reply 2009-01-28 18:15:54 -0600
Started 2009-01-20 15:40:58 -0600

Hi All,

I know that getting "on track" all by yourself can be difficult — esp after the holiday season.

So I've organized a contest on my blog where 3 patients (2 people with Type 2 diabetes and one person with Type 1) will win a free "diabetes makeover."

It's a 3-month program that coaches you on diet & exercise, gives you free tools and information, and access to experts to help you.

Check it out. I'd love to have some winners straight from DiabeticConnect!



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Amy Tenderich
Amy Tenderich 2009-01-22 13:39:19 -0600 Report

Thanks, guys. This is a really great chance to get some individual help with your diabetes challenges for FREE.

I really hope a bunch of folks from this site will apply.

All you have to do is email an essay on your New Year's Resolution and why you need the help to info@diabetesmine.com. Not longer than 500 words, pls.

Good luck!

redkirk 2009-01-28 18:15:54 -0600 Report

In regards to the contest link:

I'm not quite sure what the phrase "carbohydrate addiction" is supposed to mean. Carbs are a vital part of any health plan. If you're just talking about mindless snacking, I have popcorn once or twice a week popped in olive oil. (Gives it a nice buttery flavor w/out the butter.)

2009-01-21 17:47:46 -0600 Report

I think this is a wonderful idea. I hope that those who need it will make good use of it.

Anonymous 2009-01-21 15:51:45 -0600 Report

Amy this is wonderful but I do not know if it is for me. I think some of the younger people on diabeticconnect should jump at this opportunity.