Syringes... What type do you use and why?

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I was about to order another round of syringes and I noticed hundreds to pick from. In the hospital, they gave me BD Ultra-Fine 11, Short Needle, 1/2 cc, 31 guage 5/16" (8mm). Hum, I'm not in the medical field and have no clue why I'm using this one. I noticed others which were almost the same that were much cheaper. I would love to know what type everyone would recommend. They will only let me give myself shots in my stomach, maybe this is why? I'm confused again :( Please help! Angie

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Petrea 2009-01-20 02:31:12 -0600 Report

I use BD Micro-Fine IV 1cc 28 gauge & take 30 units in morning & 62 @ night & inject in my stomach.

shirleycc 2009-01-20 19:16:50 -0600 Report

I use BD Ultra-Fine II, 1/2 cc. This is
31 guage 5/16" needle. I would encourage
anyone to use the shortest needle and finest guage possible because they help with bruising.
Not being a health professional, I'm only guessing, but I read in one of your previous posts that your weight had dropped to 100 lb. or below. That may be
why you were told to only inject in your stomach. Insulin is given sub-cutaneously and they may feel you'd get too many bruises anywhere else. If you spoke with your Dr., he should explain why you were given such directions.
If he doesn't, then maybe you should consider another doctor. It's your body and your life so don't let him forget that.

dj7110 2009-01-19 19:11:17 -0600 Report

I use 2 different types due to my 2 different doses of insulin. On the Lantis I take 50 units so use BD Micro-Fine, U-100 insulin, 28 gauge(12.7mm) needle for 50 units or less. Than on Humalog it varies between 10-20 units before each meal, I use BD Ultra-fine capcity 3/10 ml cc doses up to 30 units, length 12.7mm (1/2"), 30 gauge. I also always inject in stomach. The main difference in these boxes is size for doses plus needle gauge size which was just caused because my pharmacy ran out of the ultra fine ones for my lantis. So i'm just useing a thicker needle till I get threw this current box of the micro thins and keep both filled in ultra's instead. I hope this helps you. David

2009-01-19 19:28:50 -0600 Report

Thanks so much David. This makes a lot of sense. I start my classes next month which is a good thing!…I read your comments in Claudia's post. I had no idea you were in so much pain. You are in my thoughts and prayers always! Take care, your friend, Angie

firefightermom 2009-01-19 19:47:43 -0600 Report

hey,my daughter uses BDultra fine needles the needle length is 8mm which is very short and the gauge is 31 I like them because they are small and help some on bruises. We rotate injection spots though,upper arm,top of leg,and stomach because they told me she could get dents at the injection site from using the same spot everytime.I have a great book that helps me all the time it's Understanding Diabetes the name is funny but it is packed full of info. go to and look for the 11th edition see if youre interested.I have referred to it too many times to say and always found my answer. much love to you..

2009-01-20 05:58:30 -0600 Report

Thank you! This is a great website that i'd never heard of. I checked it out this morning and got some great information. Thank you my friend!

dj7110 2009-01-19 19:56:36 -0600 Report

I take fetanyl for the pain with occasional hydrocodones when it gets real bad. worst days never make it out of bed, but on others able to walk short distance with walker. But consider myself a strong advicate for a cure to diabetis as this is what will take me before my other problems from what i see. As it runs progressive just like my fathers did. He lost his eye sight, went thru 2 heart attacks and than gave up after being paralized from his first stroke. refused insulin and died a few weeks later after going threw 2 more strokes. eventually god takes us all, but I feel it is gods time to choose when and how.

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