how does the point system work

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What do the colors mean?
How many points are we shooting for and what do we do with them?

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Ginetteb 2008-05-31 05:58:40 -0500 Report

Thank you both for replying so quickly. I love this site and being active in it is a joy. It makes me feel part of a community of people who know how I feel.

TRKnight2007 2008-05-31 05:35:52 -0500 Report


You can see how the point system works in "My Points" within your profile. Today the points reflect your activity and contribution to the site. It certainly is some indication of how members build trust in the community. We are still working out what the points will mean down the line . . . however, we are thinking of ways to rewards those who contribute the most to the community and helping others.

I don't think this fully answers your question, but hopefully we will get to that in the coming months.


steadb 2008-05-31 05:34:56 -0500 Report

For now, we hope the points and the colors/stars help each other in the community see who is very involved in the site. If you go to your profile page, you should see a tab for Activity Rating where you can see how many point you have and for what activities.

We hope our members will find these helpful in interpreting the advice or comments of others on the site.
With the thinking that the more active members are, the more on the mark their comments may be. That won't always be the case but we are trying to help our members assess in some ways the contributions of others.

In the future, we believe that we will be able to provide special services or valuable programs to our members who are very active contributors to the site.



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