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Did you know that Penicillin was accidentally dicovered in 1928.
Dr. Alexander Fleming was working in a hospital lab and he noticed that one of the glass containers holding growing bacteria had been contaminated. He was about to throw the container away when he noticed something very strange. He observed that the bacteria (staphylococci) was being destroyed by some mysterious juice
from the mold. If the mold could destroy the staphylococci in the lab dish, then maybe it could kill germs in the human body.
He spent the next 10 years experimenting with the mold.
In 1941 it was then the drug was first used on a human.
In 1951 the United States produced
34,289 billion units.
Today penicillin holds the upper hand over most infections it was designed to overcome. It is the least toxic and the most widely used of all the antibiotic drugs.

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But sadly my daughter and I are both allergic to penicillin. we start to hyperventilate. so for an antibiotic type drug we take the sulpha drugs that take forever to start working.

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I did not know all the details, but I did know that penicillin was discovered accidently. Great accident. Penicillin is a very useful medicine that has had a great impact on medical history.

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