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Started 2009-01-15 21:16:44 -0600

lately i have had numbeness in my hands and feet if i sit for more than 45 minutes. any ideas why.

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Punkie200 2009-01-16 11:43:39 -0600 Report

Yes, you definitely need to let your doctor know about the numbness. It can lead to other problems that are worse. Try to get checked soon.

Leigh Marsden
Leigh Marsden 2009-01-19 21:22:54 -0600 Report

I would suggest that you elevate your legs and massage them to see if your circulation improves. I definetely would consult your physician. How often is this happening is another issue you should report to your Doctor.
God Bless, Your Friend, Leigh

2009-01-16 05:37:09 -0600 Report

My, suggestion is you should see a doctor. There are many problems with diabetes that are a concern, and this has been talked about. This should be attended to. Also look through the site for neuropathy discussions, and the like

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