It Was Not Supposed To Snow Today! According To The Web. HMMMM???????

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That is what I read on the news (on the web)today, and it got me thinking.
Isn't That the way? Think about It? We so often depend on answers from others', when…Maybe, They are deep inside ourselves.

So…Then what we do, Again we check for answers on the web, on the news, in the yellow book, On the phone and even for directions and maps to anywhere available.

Oh, wait…That is all on the Web, too.

Sooo…You want to go to college, oh, wait, you can do that online,too.

We can research our doctors, and illness on the web.

Talk to our friends on the web.

What would we do without computers and Internet services? Do You Know?

Yes, It does keep us connected in a way that was never available to our parents, or their parents and on…But what does it do to for us, personally.

For some people it enables severe crimes to be easily accessed, and threats for our everyday living.

Our financial issues, our private issues; family issues; state issues; federal issues…on and on

I know this is a bit melodramatic, But there are concerns
So What Did Our Parents Do For Personal Contact, Pleasure, Answers and more. The went to their friends, to their doctors, to their relatives and…again on and on.

We are losing the importance of personal contact with others;

Hey,yeah, and we can even go to Church without ever leaving home? How about that, good for some; I know, but what about others'

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Ken, you are so right, and even though I am disabled a eligible for the handicapped parking spot. I refuse, If I am going to get out; I am going to get the exercise I need (painful or not) and park as far away from entrance as possible.

Today I did not spend hours surfing on the web. Instead I decided to search my house for supplies I needed to make a door draft (an attempt to stay warmer because it is over and inch above the track when closed, and to save electricity from going out the door). And tomorrow I will make my door draft and a couple more coffee filters.

Don't laugh, The last coffee pot had broken and I decided one good one is woth as much as 3 cheaper ones that I go through, at least a year. So, I bought a Braun and it holds 14 cups and did not have any filters. My storebought, re-usable filters but they would not fit the pot.

So, I did whatever any coffee lover in desparate need, I made my own, and as it turned out they are much more useful, and machine washable. So, It is all good, and so I expect will the door draft protecter (for lack of a better word). I have a uncanny way of creating it in my mind when it is for a specific use, and this one is to connect under the door and so to block both sides, and add extra protection, and it will also move with the door, and never be out of placed like the old fashioned ones that just sat in front of the door and moved everytime. I am so freaking confused; I am sorry, I can not think and can not register the keyboad in my mind before hand. That is all she wrote; frustrated.

Meridian - 26751
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I think we should use the web as if it were a handicapped parking spot. Use it if you need it, but if you don't…stay out.

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Meridian, I agree with you. Even though I am on the computer a great deal, I do have contact with others, by phone, in person, etc. I also make sure I keep my doctor's appts. and ask questions of her. I have family and friends I am always in contact with and I enjoy and need the one on one in person contact with people. I live in an apt. building so I have plenty of neighbors I enjoy seeing and talking to in person, besides others who do not live in the building. I do not want the isolation of being only connected to people by the internet, and if I ever get to that point, I hope my family will get me some help to overcome it. That just isn't healthy.