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By CALpumper Latest Reply 2009-02-22 12:46:14 -0600
Started 2008-05-30 05:48:34 -0500

First, woo hoo! Thank You Diabetic Connect! This is just plain Awesome!

Has anyone on the site been there yet? Purchased items before?

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pancreas_fail! 2009-02-22 12:15:41 -0600 Report

Just ordered some strips from overstock. Saved about 40%. Of course it would be nice if insurance covered it…but that's another story.

rbergman 2009-02-16 20:13:40 -0600 Report

Thank you to whomever brought this topic back to the top, I had never heard of overstockdrugstore until I read this post thanks so much it will save me a ton of money, especially since I don't have insurance.
Thanks Again!!!


rbergman 2009-02-16 21:06:04 -0600 Report

I just realized it's listed under the Shopping category lol can you tell I don't do a lot of online shopping, I'd never looked at that category until tonight lol oh well at least I know about it now and the fact that it has a coupon to use for overstock is even better, still thanks for bringing it to my attention!

grmpy 2008-06-03 06:07:21 -0500 Report

I use the breeze 2 meter; I live in Michigan and st my local Meijers, I can get a package of 10 disks for $51.00 and the lancets are a low price. Overstock Drugstore charges more than that. Will never buy from them; you also have to pay shipping, so what would be the savings?

steadb 2008-06-03 06:31:17 -0500 Report

That's great. We are glad that you have such a great solutions provider. Check back as every now and then Overstock gets special deals on certain products and can price them very aggressively. It may be that right now…they don't have deals on the products that you use.

Anonymous 2009-02-16 14:11:58 -0600 Report

I just looked for the same product at Walmart. They are $99. Overstockdrugstore is $62.99. That just saved me 37%. I like the site.

CALpumper 2008-06-02 09:15:13 -0500 Report

Works for me. Next time I need some supplies I will use the site and let you know.

I have not checked it through but the biggest ticket item for me is infusion sets for my pump. I have an Animas 1250. I usually get the sets from them. While I have a medical discount card it is hard to get what I really need at a decent cost. My last bill cost me $140 for a month supply. Of course I push it and use the sets up to 5 days if my body can handle it.

Either way, I look forward to checking it out. Thanks guys! (and welcome)

jupton1 2008-05-31 02:15:57 -0500 Report

I just seen this post,I was amazed by the great deals at this store..I especialy loved the prices on there accu check products..John

TRKnight2007 2008-05-30 07:55:08 -0500 Report

I would love to know how this works out. Since strips have to match the meter, it will be good over time to see if we can get them to match what the majority of community members need. If anyone has any product suggestions that you don't see on their site, you can post them here and we'll see what we can do.



steadb 2008-05-30 06:12:57 -0500 Report

Thanks Cal. It is a new relationship for us so we are optimistic. They have developed ways to get deep discounted products. Let us know how it goes. We'd love feedback.

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