My Tilt Table Test On Wednesday

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On Wednesday I am going through a tilt table test. They will strap me to a flat surface and then put me in all kinds of positions to determine what is making me dizzy. Sometimes I almost black out and I get nauseous. I will be twisted and turned and tilted at every angle to see if positions cause me to get very dizzy. I already know they will. If I lean over to get something out of the bottom shelf of the fridge I see black in front of my eyes when I stand up. I get up very slowly but it still happens. I really dread this test. I passed all the other dozen or so tests with flying colors. I am definitely going to throw up and maybe pass out too. I will skip breakfast and lunch since the test is at 1 PM. Should I eat a light breakfast at 7 AM? I cannot decide.

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2009-01-13 08:23:55 -0600 Report

I would eat something light too Richard. I've had a similar test and I didn't get sick. 7:00am and 1:00pm should give you plenty of time to digest the food. Let us know what the results of your test are. I will be thinking of you! Take care, Angie

G Thomas
G Thomas 2009-01-12 22:08:08 -0600 Report

If the tests are at 1:PM your food will have digested well before then even if you have a big breakfast so you won't be hungry and you feed your diabeties as well. Prepare for a long day with stuff that sticks to your ribs. Abig bowl of oats and a boil egg or two and a slice of wheat toast with coffee. Or your morning drink. Your'll be relaxed and do your test without other issues. My husband was going through this also. Bad circulation was his problem and another blockage. We got another stint shortly after that.

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Oh Richard that doesn't sound pleasant at all… Good Luck. I think and only in my humble opinion that a little something in your stomach would be better than nothing. Maybe some tea and toast or light fruit… just something. Nothing that will be nasty in case you do get sick.

Take Care

Richard157 2009-01-12 21:13:03 -0600 Report

Thanks ladies, I agree that something light at breakfast is a good idea. The doctor having me take this test is a neurologist and he does not know that much about diabetes. I wanted to see what fellow diabetics would do in this situation.

firefightermom 2009-01-12 20:51:08 -0600 Report

hey,I hope it won't be so bad for you. Sometimes when we really dread something when the time comes for it afterwards we think oh gosh that wasn't wasn't so bad,I hope this test will be that way for you.I will pray for you also that they find the dizzy problem.I think you should definitely eat something throwing up a empty stomach may make you feel worse and surely get your B.S up or down.But we are going to believe you're not gonna get sick okay.good nite.don't worry.

sexyswamprat 2009-01-12 20:40:49 -0600 Report

Only you know your body, but I think you should maybe eat a little something. Especially being diabetic, you need to eat. Maybe some toast and fruit. Something light. Good luck on your test. I hope it doesn't make you to sick.

Love and Hugs,

2catty 2009-01-12 20:19:47 -0600 Report

I would, because you have to take your meds and you might get even sicker from not eating. You also might get dizzier. Good luck on your test. I don't know if you should pass or fail it.LOL