The Secret of Life...wanted to share with all of you:

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The Secret Of Life

As the Lord God was
creating the world
he called upon his archangels.

The Lord asked his archangels
to help him decide where to put
the Secret of Life

"Bury it in the ground," one angel replied.
"Put it on the bottom of the sea," said another.
"Hide it in the mountains," another suggested.

The Lord replied, "If I see to do any of those
only a few will find the Secret of Life.
The Secret of Life must be accessible

One angel replied, "I know; put it in each
man's heart. Nobody will think to look there."

"Yes!" said the Lord.
"Within each man's heart."

And so it was -
lies within all of us.

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alwaystryin 2009-03-26 19:10:40 -0500 Report

The sincerity alone in this post speaks volumes. When we believe, that is the first milestone in pursuing our inner peace.

Meridian - 26751
Meridian - 26751 2009-01-13 05:48:18 -0600 Report

We must trust that God is within us before we seek an answer. And just as importantly, after we know He is there we must listen to His answer even if it is not what we desired or expected. Like the old hymn says, "Trust and obey, for there's no other way."

Brenda Kruse
Brenda Kruse 2009-03-26 18:44:42 -0500 Report

Thank you so much for reminding all of us that it's all about trusting and obeying. The Bible is so clear that the only way to the Father (and Heaven) is through Jesus Christ, His Son, and the only way to understand the only secret of life is to know and accept that Jesus is our Savior. All we do in this life prepares us for the next. And, there will be no pain or sadness! Yay and Praise the Lord! Blessings! Brenda

Avera 2009-01-13 00:37:34 -0600 Report

This is just so very true! Thanks for sharing this with us. It brings much hope and makes the heart smile.