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Many years ago while in college I started taking Tai Chi. I got away from it. I found a place close to my house that teaches it and am going to start again. It is something that can be done sitting down if you have mobility problems. When I practiced it the first time I was in a wheelchair from an accident. I also remember it being mentally relaxing. Anyone here practice Tai Chi?

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Guardianstone 2011-01-31 09:33:35 -0600 Report

My sister says that Tai Chi is a good way to relax after a day at work. She worked for GM before her accident, It helped while she was recovering. Now she uses it when she does landscaping, or after she takes her girls (doxies) to the dog park to socialize and exercise. It has helped her, and I'm looking for a low cost, nearby facility that has classes (Within walking distance).
I have picked up a few moves on my own but want to learn more. When I exercise with Tai Chi my mind slows down from the frantic mind race. It has also helped a bit with my depression.

Guardian stone

2009-01-12 14:40:51 -0600 Report

No but let me know how it is; Isn't it a form of meditation? Curious; would like to know if it helps. Claudia

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