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I try to stay away from it, but it's definitely my Kryptonite. Aside from the obvious (rice, noodles, wontons) - what do you avoid and more importantly, what foods do you find minimally impact your blood sugar when eating chinese (either take-out or in the restaurant)…?


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Type1Lou 2014-04-21 13:48:12 -0500 Report

Another alternative would be to make your own stir-fry with lean meat and veggies …a dash of soy sauce and forgo the rice or noodles on your plate.

Proud Army Mom
Proud Army Mom 2014-04-21 10:38:24 -0500 Report

Thank you all for your replies - I agree that sometimes you have to indulge a little, and I want to make the choices as intelligently as possible. Thanks as always for the support! :)

GabbyPA 2014-04-19 08:42:26 -0500 Report

The friendly foods for me are things like celery, eggs, cucumber, leafy greens, grilled meats (with no sauces or marinades) and most low carb veggies.

Food that I avoid or limit are corn, breads (any of them), pasta, and starchy veggies and sweets that I have not made myself from scratch. Chineese food is one of those, but like you, it's one of my favorites. I try to skip the rice and just eat the meat and veggies....but there is plenty of corn starch in the gravies to give me trouble.

haoleboy 2014-04-18 18:36:56 -0500 Report

Keeping in mind that China has an even higher rate of diabetes than the US (7% vs. almost 12%) …
You would be best off sticking to things such as "Chop Suey" or other stir fried meat and vegetable dishes. You can ask them to put less sauce on it and that may help. Another consideration is the high sodium content of a lot of restaurant Chinese food.
Definitely steer clear of any thing made with hoisin or oyster sauce (Kung Pao. Beef Broccoli, General Chicken etc.)


Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2014-04-18 16:49:33 -0500 Report

I don't avoid food, I eat it in moderation. Therefore, if I eat Chinese food, and I want some rice or noodles, I eat a little of it, not a complete serving. I might have a small spike but It is worth it because I might only eat it once a year.

Type1Lou 2014-04-18 14:56:32 -0500 Report

In addition to the obvious starches, I stay away from anything that is fried and the sweet sauces. That limits my choices to non-breaded meats and fish with veggies in a non-sweet sauce…doable but just not as varied.

jayabee52 2014-04-18 13:52:54 -0500 Report

Howdy P.A.M.(please express my thanks to your child for his/her service of our country)

I very rarely eat chinese. However whenever I do I eat more in the way of proteins and veggies and stay away from the rice, noodles and wontons. Of course one also needs to be aware of any sauces served with the veggies or meats (sweet n sour) and have them be served on the side if possible, then you can control how much you eat.

However if it is an occasional indulgence, the higher BG readings may not be too bad in the greater scheme of things..

God's. best