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On March 10 I went to visit my new doc for the first time. My second appointment was canceled due to the doctor being sick. So, this past Thursday I made it back to discuss my blood work. I had also had a "pee in a cup test". I'm sure all of you are familiar with those.
My blood work was all screwed up. One of the counts having to do with my kidneys was so far off the scale it was scary. So was the amount of protein in my urine. My blood pressure was sky high as well. So, doc gave he a baggie of clonidine and orders to check my pressure 3 times a day and if it is above systolic 150 to take one. He is also trying to get me in to see a kidney specialist.
I had been having all these really bad headaches which I just chalked up to sinus problems. I've had sinus issues all my life.
The really sad thing is kidney failure was what eventually killed my mother. It's not what I wanted but as my husband says…it is what it is.
So that's where I am right now. Keeping an eye on my blood pressure and waiting to get an appt with the kidney doctor.

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GabbyPA 2014-04-14 18:49:33 -0500 Report

I will be praying for you. Please let us know how the follow ups go. There can be a silver lining to this rain cloud.

Glucerna 2014-04-14 15:20:04 -0500 Report

I'm glad you're working closely with your doctor and taking steps to improve your health. We're with you! ~Lynn @Glucerna

Dr Gary
Dr GaryCA 2014-04-13 20:42:36 -0500 Report

Hello MrsCDogg,

Nice to hear from you. Thanks a lot for the update.

I am sorry to hear about the kidney issues. It's good that you got in there to see you doctor and that you found out your kidney numbers are off. It's better to know than not to know, certainly with your kidneys. It's so important to stay on top of this.

Take good care of yourself, and keep us posted.


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