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Did you know that when your blood sugars are high cell death (apoptosis) occurs in 6 places inside your body. Most of the cells of your body have a special receptor (insulin receptor) that attracts insulin, captures it, and allows it to open a gate that allows one molecule of glucose to enter the cell. That is the only way that the glucose can enter many of your cells. It is your body's defense mechanism that protects the cells.
However the cells in your brain, pancreas, intestines, kidneys, arteries, and many nerves do not have insulin receptors. When the glucose level is high outside of the cells, the glucose level will be high inside as well, which is not a good thing. The high glucose level inside the cells contacts the DNA (inside the nucleus of each cell) and sets up apoptosis, which is programmed cell death; the cell commits suicide.
That means that diabetics permanently lose brain cells 3 times faster than non-diabetics due to high blood sugar. It is especially damaging to memory and cognitive cells (thinking, reasoning, and problem solving). It causes permanent damage to the 2 million specialized filters in your kidneys. It causes nerves that control the muscles that surround your intestines to die, which causes the intestines to become larger in diameter, and slows the movement of matter through the intestines; a cause of constipation. It slowly destroys the insulin producing beta cells in the pancreas, which will cause type II diabetics to eventually become insulin dependent (require insulin shots each day). It damages the walls of the arteries, which causes the tissue of the artery walls to become sponge-like, and more inclined to capture and accumulate oxidized LDL cholesterol, and other things, to produce plaque. The high blood sugars cause nerves to die which leads to diabetic neuropathy.

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is he on meds for his thyroid. I use Crestor. Ruth Tinkerbell54

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jayabee52 2014-04-11 00:46:33 -0500 Report

Tink, Crestor is a statin medication for keeping the blood vessels clear and clean from plaque. Are you on it because you have thyroid difficulties or for some other reason?

tomecom 2014-04-11 06:59:06 -0500 Report

there is a better way to remove plaque from the arteries than using drugs. There is an enzyme that will dissolve and digest it called Serrapeptase. It was discovered some 50 years ago by a German doctor. It is used extensively in Europe. It is an enzyme secreted by the silk worm to dissolve its cacoon. It is also especially helpful for removing excess fibrin from the bloodstream (the clot forming fiber), which is a problem for diabetics, especially those that are blood type A or AB.Diabetics that are insulin resistant have double the normal amount of fibrin as normal.
Serrapeptase will cleanse the arteries of plaque in 3-18 months depending upon the amount of plaque present. I buy mine from and it costs about $10 per month if you use the maximum dosage of 120,000 IU.
Serrapeptase is completely safe. It will not damage blood vessels, in fact it will remove scar tissue and anything that should not be there.

tomecom 2014-04-09 07:51:10 -0500 Report

I was self diagnosed as Sub Clinical Hypothyroid two years ago. I didn't take the usual approach, like most, which is to start taking meds for the rest of my life. I researched it to discover that the Chinese, Japanese, and south Koreans had discovered that hypothyroidism is caused by a deficiency in iodine and selenium. Diabetics are deficient in both; selenium because we are also deficient in HCL which is needed to absorb selenium.
I showed the research to my doctor and got his blessing to experiment. He asked that I take a low dose of thyroid hormone replacement to avoid the risk of dementia. I started taking 25 mg of Iodoral (iodine supplement) daily, a low dose of selenium ( you must get 50 mcg per day, but no more than 200 mcg). You do get some selenium in a normal diet. I started taking 648 mg of HCL supplement with each meal, and made sure that I got magnesium in my supplements every day.
I tracked my progress every 3 months with TSH blood tests. Each quarter my numbers improved, until after about a year, my doctor proclaimed that it had worked and the hypothyroidism treatment worked.
Doctors will stress out if you tell them that you are taking an iodine supplement, because they are going by very old information, which is actually correct if you ignore the selenium connection. If you take iodine without selenium you will cause damage to the cells in your thyroid gland. When your thyroid gland produces the T3 and T4 hormones it produces hydrogen peroxide as a byproduct, which will kill thyroid cells if not neutralized by selenium. They are missing the selenium connection that the Chinese, Japanese, and and Koreans discovered.
I have since observed the same positive results with both of my daughters, my wife, and dozens of other diabetics.
One important other fact. You have to be certain that you do not have a parasite or Candida (yeast) overpopulation, otherwise the treatment will fail. Candida, parasites, and ;hypothyroidism very frequently coexist with diabetes. They cause and promote one another. When you become diabetic a major shift in your beneficial bacteria population occurs in your gut, which enables the Candida and parasites to flourish. Doctors do not watch for these issues and are not effective in treating them. The good news is that the high iodine dosage kills Candida, but does not harm beneficial flora. If you elect to try the cure, conduct a colon cleanse, Candida cleanse, and a parasite cleanse while you conduct the cleanse. It will be very important that you restore your beneficial bacteria population after the cleanses. I used Garden of Life Raw Probiotics, because it is all organic, has 85 billion living cultures in each dose, and has 33 strains, which is significantly higher than other probiotics for the same price.
If anyone needs help with this let me know. I don't know how I can get all of the information to you because these blog sites will ban me for doing it, but I can piecemeal the information.

camerashy 2014-04-09 08:09:54 -0500 Report

I'm going to make sure I save your blog. I have the same problem, but I also have a sensitivity to iodine, being easily overdosed. I take Centrum Silver. Is this enough?

tomecom 2014-04-09 09:17:37 -0500 Report

camerashy: if I may suggest, you should consider taking an all natural multivitamin.Every cell in your body (all 10 trillion) have sensors called antigens on their membrane. These antigens are unique to you personally based upon your blood type, but they sample everything that enters the body; whether inhaled with the air we breathe, food or drink, or things that contact our skin. If the substance is synthetic, or not complementary to our antigens, the immune system is alerted. The substance will be attacked and destroyed by our immune system.
Because your multivitamin is synthetic (not extracted from organic sources. like all bargain brand multivitamins, our already overtaxed immune system will be further stressed; unnecessarily.
A good quality multivitamin should contain about 150 mcg of selenium, which is a good number because of the amount of selenium in our food. Most have about half the daily requirement of iodine. Normally it is very difficult to overdose on iodine, but some ( a few like yourself) are sensitive. You should experiment with dosages to determine your tolerance level. Iodoral is a brand name product I buy online. A single tablet has 12.5 grams of iodine, which is significantly higher than your normal daily requirement of 150 mcg. However, in order to restore thyroid function you have to take high dosages in order to restore the deficiency. Every cell in our body must have a store of iodine, and our thyroid hormones are made primarily from iodine. The T4 thyroid hormone has 4 molecules of iodine each, along with a protein amino acid, and the T3 has three molecules of iodine: thus their name. When selenium converts the inactive T4 into the active T3 form it removes one molecule of iodine. The T3 active form of thyroid hormone lights the fire in our mitochondria to produce energy to fuel our cells.
The thyroid gland actually prefers potassium iodide, which is a form of iodine. Iodoral contains 5 mg of iodine and 7.5 mg of potassium iodide, which feeds all of the body's needs for iodine. You might try taking one tablet to see how that works, or cut a tablet in half and start lower, then work up to your system's tolerance level. It will just take longer to accomplish restoration. You should be very careful to avoid chemical exposure or foods high in heavy metals, because your body uses iodine to cleanse itself of them. That means going to the health food store and buying an all natural tooth powder and bentonite clay powder for brushing your teeth. If you read the back of your toothpaste tube you will discover a warning label that instructs you to call poison control if you swallow too much toothpaste or mouthwash. That also means limiting fish in your diet because of the mercury. I dip my tooth brush in 3% hydrogen peroxide then dip it into the tooth powder. It gets your teeth very clean and will take your name off of the list of those that need deep cleanings.
I will gladly work with you to help you through this.

tomecom 2014-04-10 05:49:12 -0500 Report

I use Garden of Life multivitamins. I buy them on I buy a 240 count bottle for $38, which is a two month supply. It is much cheaper than buying them at a health food store. They have the best diabetes friendly formula that I have found. They have a patented process whereby they extract the vitamins at a very low temperature, which increases potency.
Also, if you want to increase the absorption use Willard Water. It will increase the absorption rate up to 85%. I buy it from a health food store because their price is the same as ordering it on line ($30). I use the dark formula. It will last a good while because you only use 2 tbsp in a gallon of water.

Jan8 2014-04-09 07:18:08 -0500 Report

Me too. Have had Hashimoto's thyroiditis since I was 40. It effected my whole body then I got diabetes and it was a whole new ballgame. I don't even think about the thyroid issue anymore. I let the doc worry about that.

mobydick9 2014-04-09 03:36:24 -0500 Report

Hope he will be better soon usually it takes a while to get back to normal function with the doctors guidance and a good diet ,it took my sister more then a year to recover and she followed a diet plan and doctor guidance to the letter now she is much better

Rydia Kane
Rydia Kane 2014-04-08 20:30:38 -0500 Report

sorry to hear about your hubby. My thyroid is sluggish, but because my heart us in A-fib they won't give me anything for it.

wild man mike
wild man mike 2014-04-08 21:47:47 -0500 Report

You need to get another doctor. He/she should be treating you for A-Fib as well as Thyroid problems at the same time or at least treat the A-Fib then the Thyroid problem. There's no contraindications to with hold treatment for thyroid problem.

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