My progress traveling overseas with diabetes for the 1st time...

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I went to cancun Mexico for a week. Tested before and after not but not as often after 3 days but it's been normal. Go figure though…in Georgia airport and ate a Panda Express meal and it's 187 after. Wow lol. Just thought that was funny to mention.

Overall, id say if you carry on , and no checked in bags. You should just carry enough meds and supplies etc that you normally use for the time at home. I brought so much and didn't even need them but better safe than sorry but was a lot to lug. I had so much fun!!! I'm not looking to go back to minnesota but I miss my loved ones! I'm glad to be back on dc!!!

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dagger1234 2014-04-06 11:43:52 -0500 Report

Thanks guys! I also forgot to mention. That since my blood was normal levels, i went overboard with a little too much drinking and caved into smoking again. Everyone is upset at me and I am of myself too. It would've been officially a month today with no chantix but I guess I can always try again. I won't lose faith and hope. As for the drinking goes- I can take it or leave it. Smoking is a hard thing to quit. Especially when I was doing good:( but my bf will shape me up. He already is.

Dr Gary
Dr GaryCA 2014-04-05 23:32:42 -0500 Report

Hi dagger,

This is great information. Always important to be prepared for anything when you travel. I am really glad to hear you had such a good time. Excellent!


Glucerna 2014-04-05 18:22:43 -0500 Report

It's great to hear that everything worked out so well for you. I would continue to bring extra supplies, medications, needles, test strips, etc whenever you travel because as you say it's better to be safe than sorry. Have a safe trip home. ~Lynn @Glucerna

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