How low would your blood sugar have to be to go into a seizure? Because mine dropped to 36 last night

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Hello I am new to this whole app. But I have had diabetes for almost 8 years now. I have type 1 and I was wondering how low you would be to go into a seizure. See I went In to a seizure once when I was first diagnosed but I was asleep at a friends house and the only thing I remember is waking up in the ambulance. So I was just curios does it depend on the person?

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Hi. I am a new member, too. I am glad that you are alright; I know how scary it is to be so low. In fact, two weeks ago my husband got a 'LOW' on my glucometer, and he has gotten a 19 reading before. I had never known a diabetic could or would go into a seizure until I read your comment. Reading the other comments have assured me that I probably would never go into a seizure since I haven't yet, and I have had so many lows. However, this last episode caused me to fall on the edge of my coffee table breaking my collarbone (ouch) before my husband got home from work. He had to shoot me with my Glucagon to revive me and I was conscious. Wish I was more like MrsCDogg! Take care and God Bless!

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Depends entirely on the individual. Severely doubt there is any reseach on this one. Regardless seizures are very rare in the life of a diabetic. We remember them most as do others are held prisoners to those memories. Do not allow it.

If they happen do you best not to permit them a second time. Fear is more powerful than such events themselves.

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I'm sorry to hear that.
Honestly, though, I think it depends on the individual.
I remember once, my blood sugar dropped to 20 and yet, I was still conscious and able to communicate my needs effectively

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T1 for 16 years.

3 - 4 yrs ago i recorder my lowest at 16 mg/dl at 3 in the night. i was alone at home. i was okay and felt just a little tired. within 5 - 10 min of waking up i collected myself and went downstairs to eat. i was fine after that.

i do not know what u mean by seizure, is it black out or a bout of unconsciousness. by blackout i mean total black vision for 2- 3 secs with a gradual gain of vision. i have not been to a hospital for being unconscious but i have had several blackouts at various occasions.

Low bs levels may be the main reasons for a seizure/ unconsciousness/ blackout but generally the potential increases when accompanied with 1 exhaustion/ physical tiredness 2, mental fatigue due to work pressure 3, low blood pressure.

definitely it varies from person to person and that also changes at different points of time in one's life. generally this happens in the very initial phase of one's diabetic life when body is not used to this or at an elder age when reflexes are not at the best.
take care and cheers : )

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Howdy Tep

You are correct that it depends on the person, just like people start feeling hypos as high as the 80ml/dl or maybe a little higher. I had a hypo of 40 mg/dl once, and I had no symptoms of a hypo at all.

God's best to you

James Baker

Stephanie Flores
Stephanie Flores 2014-03-30 23:36:39 -0500 Report

I'm pretty sure it depends on the person there is no certain number. I once got below 20 and my dad just told me I was pale.

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In my case I felt hypos like when BGL fell to 60. But in my mother's case once she went into a comma stage when BGL was below 45.

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