eating to your meter

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I am sure this has been discussed here before but …
As a type 2 do you eat to your meter?


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jigsaw 2014-03-26 15:01:07 -0500 Report

I have been using my meter as a guide for many years.
For me, it definitely works. Certainly helps me with food sensitivities, carb limits especially, and needed exercise. So for me, it's just not eating to my meter, but managing practically every aspect of my diabetes!

IronOre 2014-03-25 13:49:43 -0500 Report

No, but I sing to my meter sometimes.

jigsaw 2014-03-27 21:18:12 -0500 Report

I wouldn't want to give my meter any ideas by singing to it! For now it just talks. That's bad enough, because if it starts singing in its wretched voice, I'm canning it!

Nick1962 2014-03-25 09:20:17 -0500 Report

I’d say about 70% of my diet has been determined by eating to my meter. I first found a decent plan, then my meter told me what foods in that plan (and what amounts and times) kept me in the range I wanted.

fozy 2014-03-25 05:47:59 -0500 Report

I take check my BG before eating and two hours after eating and this determines what kind of meals I should eat also I'm hoping to bring my A1c Down from 6:2 to 5

Glucerna 2014-03-24 20:09:01 -0500 Report

"Eating to your meter" is a really good way to discover how different foods and also exercise, stress, lack of sleep, etc affect your blood sugar levels. You're making the meter work for you, and getting valuable information that you can act on. That's proactive diabetes management! ~Lynn @Glucerna

sugarbaby07 2014-03-24 17:42:19 -0500 Report

I almost always "eat to my meter" it has helped me with my meal planning. I have been trying to practice tight control… I currently have an A1c
of 5.4 . If I notice my numbers are a little high
before my meal I will adjust my carbs and portions. I a type 2 trying to control with diet and exercise :)
Take care!

haoleboy 2014-03-24 16:13:10 -0500 Report

I am on a quest for an a1c in the mid to lower 5's and to that end I have been keeping my fasting bgl at 90 (+/-) and 1 hour post meal 140 or less. In order to do this I test before eating and adjust the meal/snack based on that reading. I would hasten to point out that I have never had a hypo incident, but I am aware of that danger.
I have been doing this for several weeks now and seems to be working … next labs are end of May so the pudding will be 'proofed" then. I came across 'eating to your meter' while surfing health sites and realized that what I was doing had a name and was just wondering if anyone here has done that.


jayabee52 2014-03-24 16:35:08 -0500 Report

Generally Steve, if you are not using a medication to manage your diabetes somehow the liklihood of going hypo is close to nil.

I do not do what you describe as eating to the meter.

I rarely test before eating (exception of getting my AM "fasting" reading) . The only other time I may test before I eat would be to check out a new food I am trying to determine if it plays nice with my metabolism and in what quantities.

I can see how it might be useful to you

God's best


jayabee52 2014-03-24 15:40:53 -0500 Report

Howdy Steve!

I looked up "eating to your meter" on the DC search engine and found only your discussion as a direct hit. The other returns were on other words in the query.

I myself am unsure as to what eating to one's meter means, so please enlighten this ole man as to what you understand it to mean.

much appreciated

God's best to you and yours


Nick1962 2014-03-25 09:29:56 -0500 Report

We’ve touched on this several times in passing James, but never as a discussion in my memory. Won’t speak for Steve, but for me it was (during the learning stage) checking numbers before meals for baseline readings and selecting foods/portions based on that reading, and testing foods/meals afterwards to see what foods to avoid. It also meant testing randomly during the day to check if snacks were needed, and before and after exercise. It took about 3 months to determine my “rhythm” this way.

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