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Is anyone using victoza I'm currently in metformin my doc thinks it's a good idea. I just want hear from pple who've are using it

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auntiecassie 2014-04-05 14:39:25 -0500 Report

I'm on victoza and love it. I've dropped weight don't feel as hungry and I love the fact it's once a day! I was in Byetta and it gave me wicked headaches and my numbers weren't really doing anything my doc and I talked and agreed to try the victoza and my numbers hardly ever go above 120 even after eating.

JaredLahti 2014-03-24 14:49:05 -0500 Report

I'm on medication that is very similar to Victoza. I have used byetta and bydureon. The thing I have liked about the medications have been helping me reign in my appetite. I have dropped 60 lbs using byetta/bydureon. The only difference between the three is amount of times taking it. Byetta is twice a day, bydureon is once a week and Victoza is once a day.

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