Bread crumb substitutes

By SkipT Latest Reply 2009-01-07 10:08:59 -0600
Started 2009-01-06 16:35:44 -0600

When you are on a low carb diet bread crumbs are a no-no.
I used either crushed pork rinds or almond flour as substitutes. Neither of these imparts any flavor to what you are breading, but gives it that crunch factor you want.

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Anonymous 2009-01-07 10:08:59 -0600 Report

What about the whole wheat bread or whole grain breads you could grind up to make your own bread crumbs. I eat them for sandwiches. Or rye bread or pumpernickel? I never knew about the pork rinds, I thought they would be so bad and full of fat. Can I eat them too? LOL

Avera 2009-01-06 22:37:52 -0600 Report

I have tried both of these as a substitute. Recently, I used the fried pork rinds mashed up to coat fried chicken for the first time. It was awesome. I was truly amazed at just how good the fried chicken was.

Headsup 2009-01-07 02:16:29 -0600 Report

I forgot all about the pork rinds. They are a great substitute and can be eaten instead of having chips with a sandwich.

2009-01-06 17:21:19 -0600 Report

I had never heard that bread crumbs were a no-no. Learn something new every day. Exactly why are bread crumbs a no-no?

SkipT 2009-01-06 17:56:35 -0600 Report

All grains are a no no for my type of eating. I follow a plan that allows no grains.
Also they will contain carbs that must be figured into a low carb diet.

Debe Pendice
Debe Pendice 2009-01-06 18:08:29 -0600 Report

When my brother was on an a diet. I think he used ground up nuts on everything he breaded. I really not sure if it was all protein or low carb diet. But I would of never thought of crushed pork rinds. I also know when he made his plain meatloaf he put hard bolied eggs in the middle of of his ground beef before he baked it…Debe

LadyDi - 26259Miller
LadyDi - 26259Miller 2009-01-06 18:13:35 -0600 Report

I used to do the hardboiled eggs in mine occasionally too, but haven't for many years. I really don't use bread crumbs much at all, so I don't worry too much about them. Never really thought what a good substitute might be.

Headsup 2009-01-07 02:19:57 -0600 Report

All bread has carbohydrates (carbs) in them. Carbs are what makes your blood sugar level go up. You can read the labels on most all foods now and judge how much you (if any) you can eat of that food.